Nature creates the world’s best coffee

POO BREW: Corey Scoble with a cup of the Luwak bean coffee. Picture: GLENN DANIELS
POO BREW: Corey Scoble with a cup of the Luwak bean coffee. Picture: GLENN DANIELS

BREWHOUSE Coffee Roasters owner Corey Scoble recently returned from a visit to the beautiful country of Bali with some coffee beans.

He went there on a business trip and returned with "the world's best coffee".

The Indonesian island of Bali holds many coffee stories and one of those is that of the Luwak coffee bean.

The Luwak, or Asian palm civet, is a small possum like animal.

It eats the "cherries" containing the coffee bean and once the flesh from the outside is eaten they defecate the remaining substance out.

All that is left is a coffee bean.

This is then made into Luwak Coffee and it has been dubbed the world's best coffee.

Mr Scoble said the Luwak ate the coffee bean at it's ripest point and then they "poo it out".

"The animals leave the best part of it," he said.

"Then the farmers wash it and then sun-dry it.

"Then when I get it we roast and more of the flesh comes off."

Mr Scoble said a cup of espresso made from the Luwak bean would go for $50 in shops all over the world.

He said the coffee was more like a black truffle or a bottle of fine wine.

"It is natural and delicate," he said.

He said the taste of the coffee was really unique.

"It is exciting to bring something a bit different to Bendigo," he said.

Mr Scoble said 20 percent of the cafe's beans were from Bali.

He said they had a lot to offer with coffee.

"I buy directly off the farmers," he said.

Mr Scoble said the cafe would only be offering customers an espresso shot of the brew as it was best served that way.

The shots will sell for $20 each and will be available on Thursday.

"We won't have it available all the time," he said.

"We may have it every three months as a special."

He said he was not sure if the people of Bendigo would like the brew.