Down the Mall: Shows sure to get tongues wagging

BATTEN down the hatches for another spate of moral harrumphing in Bendigo.

Our magnificent Bendigo Art Gallery is not far from launching a couple of interesting exhibitions: Undressed – 350 years of underwear in fashion and The Body Beautiful in Ancient Greece.

As you’d expect, these are unlikely to be about laundry baskets or green-

grocers.  It is fairly likely that some more sensitive souls will express some views about what should or should not be aired in public.

And, if you need any proof that prudery is not consigned to the past, we offer you the case of Russian MP Roman Khudyakov, who wants the Russian government to recall the 100 ruble banknote that has a drawing of the statue of Apollo which sits atop the Bolshoi ballet building.

Khudyakov says Apollo's rather diminutive “assets” can be seen, but does not mention the four massive rearing horses in the same statue – all unmistakably and impressively male.

We loved gallery director Karen Quinlan’s comments about our two concurrent shows: “I think the point is, if people are not interested in underwear, they may be interested in antiquity and that’s what we’re trying to do – just offer a diverse exhibition program.”

Yep, sort of “iniquity in antiquity”.

Splitting hairs

Bruce, a DTM mate and observer of weird stuff, was expressing concern about one of our big stores' marketing language. “They say in big letters they have STOREWIDE discounts, but then add: some exceptions.” Yes, and? 

“Well if not everything is discounted, they’re not store-wide.” I pointed out that even though not ALL his hairs were grey, enough were to say that he was… grey, that is.

Order to be obeyed

We’re often reminded that John Laws began his radio career at 3BO in Bendigo in 1953, but few mention that his new job had some odd moments.

DTM just found this note from fellow veteran radio chap, Frank Avis, who recalled that Laws had been soundly told off for leaving the studio unattended at 7pm and missing the cross to the ABC’s 7pm news bulletin.

A memo was put up saying no announcer, ever, was to leave the studio at 7pm, on pain of instant dismissal, Soon after, Avis recalls, this appeared in 18-year-old Laws’ Announcers’ Log: 

“6:56 Noticed smoke starting to come out of the bin, but noting the Managers memo the undersigned remains in the studio chair, unable to take any action.

6:57 Flames can now be seen coming from the bin, but I remain seated in the studio chair as directed.

6:58 The flames have now taken hold of the studio curtains and are threatening to extend to the wall. The undersigned remains seated as directed.

6:59 The fire has now taken hold of the studio wall.

7:00 Put ABC news to air and ran into kitchen to get a water bucket.

7:05 Outbreak contained. Rang Fire Brigade just in case.''


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