University announces 2015 courses

LA TROBE University Bendigo has confirmed its courses for next year, listing degrees to be cut and new degrees to be introduced.

There are seven courses that will not accept enrolments for 2015. These include bachelor courses in podiatry and strategic communication and four double degrees, though they will still be available as single degrees.

The bachelors of visual arts and graphic design will be replaced by a Bachelor of Creative Arts. 

All students currently enrolled in these courses will be able to study their course to completion.

"The vast bulk of courses are staying," Pro Vice Chancellor Richard Speed said.

"If I was a student, I would be amazed if students are able to tell that we've made these changes.

"We want the students and parents and companies in Bendigo and our broader community to understand how many subjects are going to be available at La Trobe next year despite what they might be assuming from the various stories that are coming out."

New degrees to start next year include the university's "flexible" online masters courses in teaching, nursing, health information management and business administration.

Professor Speed said the courses were designed for people already working in their industry who needed to fit study around a full-time working schedule. 

The confirmation of 2015 courses comes in the context of ongoing updates about the institution's major restructure including cuts to staffing and the merging of five faculties into two colleges.

The consultation process between university management and staff about position changes and redundancies is still underway. 

"There's still uncertainty while we're consulting. I guess that's inevitable," Bendigo campus director Rob Stephenson said. 

Mr Stephenson said management was still in the process of hearing staff reactions to proposed changes.

"Our preference is that we consult and hear their (staff) views on it before coming to a final decision," he said. 

Professor Speed said the negotiation was genuine and staff were speaking directly with him about amending proposed changes.