Good morning Bendigo – 10.07.14

Good morning!

Mostly cloudy with a top of 12 degrees.

V/Line is not reporting any delays this morning but Regional Rail Link works mean only coaches will run on the line until Tuesday, July 15.

Coaches are replacing trains between Melbourne and Bendigo, so passengers should allow an extra 60 minutes' travel time. 

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Emergency services are responding to a road accident at Myola on the Northern Highway, north-east of Bendigo.


City of Greater Bendigo councillors have once again voted against the officer's recommendation and approved an 86-lot subdivision in Aspinall Street, Golden Square. 

Dublin: Australian Cardinal George Pell has taken personal control of the Vatican’s finances in a reform unprecedented in living memory – but says he is facing “sadness and antagonism” from the old guard at the heart of the Catholic empire.

Australia will stand up to China to defend peace, liberal values and the rule of law, says Foreign Minister Julie Bishop. 

In the Coalition government’s clearest statement yet on how to handle China, Ms Bishop said it had been a mistake for previous governments to avoid speaking about China for fear of causing offence.

1040 - It is thought that Lady Godiva rides naked on horseback through Coventry, England.

1559 - Mary, Queen of Scots, claims title of Queen of England in opposition to Elizabeth I.

1858 - Four die in Australia's first rail crash, at Lidcombe, NSW.

1900 - The Paris subway, the Metro, opens.

1911 - The Royal Australian Navy, formerly the Commonwealth Naval Forces, is established.

1965 - British rock group The Rolling Stones score their first number-one hit in the US with Satisfaction.

1975 - US actor/singer Cher files for divorce from singer Greg Allman, 10 days after they were married, on the grounds he is seeing an old girlfriend.

1989 - Rocket barrage kills 20 people in Kabul, Afghanistan; Mel Blanc, the "man of a thousand voices", including such cartoon characters as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Porky Pig, dies in Los Angeles aged 81.

1996 - The unmanned Galileo spacecraft captures stunning close-up pictures of Ganymede, Jupiter's biggest moon.

1997 - Some 100,000 people demonstrate in London against proposed ban of fox hunting; Scientists in London say DNA from a Neanderthal skeleton supports a theory that all humanity descended from an "African Eve" 100,000 to 200,000 years ago.

2009 - Pope Benedict XVI stresses the Catholic church's opposition to abortion and stem cell research in his first meeting with President Barack Obama.

2011 - Rupert Murdoch swoops into Britain to face the growing phone-hacking scandal that prompted the closure of his News of the World tabloid and threatens to derail a $19 billion broadcasting deal.

2013 - Canadian officials tell distraught families 30 people still missing after the fiery crash of a runaway oil train in eastern Quebec are all presumed dead, bringing the death toll in the derailment and explosion to 50.

Jean Calvin, French religious reformer (1509-1564); 

Camille Pissarro, French painter (1830-1903); 

James Whistler, English artist (1834-1903); 

Marcel Proust, French writer (1871-1922); 

Giorgio de Chirico, Italian painter (1888-1978); 

Jake LaMotta, US boxer (1921-); 

Hugo Banzer, president of Bolivia (1926-2002); 

Jerry Herman, US composer (1933-); 

Fred Cress, British/Australian artist (1938-2009); 

Keith Stackpole, Australian cricketer (1940-); 

Arthur Ashe, US tennis player (1943-1993); 

Virginia Wade, English tennis player (1945-); 

Sue Lyon, US actress of Lolita fame (1946-); 

Arlo Guthrie, US folk singer (1947-); 

Neil Tennant, English singer (1954-); 

Peter DiStefano, US rock singer from Porno for Pyros (1965-); 

Adam Hills, Australian comedian (1970-); 

Brendon Lade, Australian rules footballer (1976-); and

Jessica Simpson, US singer (1980-).

1. Which superstar did film producer Guy Ritchie marry in 2000?

2. Which continent is the most crowded and the smallest?

3. Which word describes homes for birds as well as a set of tables?

4. In which continent is the Amazon rainforest?

5. A hovercraft moves on a cushion of what?

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Tank who?

You’re welcome!

You begin to feel thirsty when your body loses one per cent of its water.

1. Madonna 2. Europe 3. Nests 4. (South) America 5. Air

Have a great day!


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