Blood, sweat & no beers works!

SO ALL the blood, sweat and no beers of this 12 week Men's Health challenge has delivered immediate results - who would have thought!

Three weeks in and I've farewelled 7.6 kilograms and nine centimetres around that rather large girth. I'm stoked. 

It's also kind of nice that people are noticing and commenting - vanity is such a powerful little beast! 

The most common question I'm getting is how I'm dealing with the lack of food? In reality, the answer is easily. As I've said before, it's not so much about the food but the temptation.

The Addy mid-year staff party was a tester a few Saturdays back - everyone was knocking down the beers and scoffing down some pretty enticing looking pizza slices, empanadas and other tasty treats.

But, you know, it all comes down to discipline. You control putting your hand out, so leave it tucked in a pocket!

I have discovered one worrying trend that it's hard to find somewhere to go for a meal on a Saturday or Sunday that offers really healthy options. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places but many menus I've perused offer a fish dish at best. 

Never cared about that before, or took much notice of restaurant menus, because a steak, steak sanga or parma was all I ever looked for. Now it's all about sticking to a strict food plan and that means if we are to venture out, there's rules to obey.

Thankfully, the new Naam Pla Thai restaurant beside the Theatre Royal in Castlemaine does a magnificent barramundi and asian greens which fits the bill. If you love Thai, do yourself a favour and check this place out - it's awesome.

My latest 'friends' at Amy's Shape Health and Fitness studio are a pair of boxing gloves. Never been a fighter but actually enjoy working the mitts and the bag with these boys.

It's given me a newfound respect for those who box professionally. Given how my arms feel after 30 seconds, that these guys plunder through 12 rounds at full tilt is amazing.

As I've said before... it's not so much about the food but the temptation.

Found another old friend last week that had been lost for 20-odd years - running!

The other night I had my first cardio session which involved running, well, ambling for a start, and pain. Not so much pain, but, maybe a period of time where you think your chest is going to burst.

Can't really remember the last time I broke into a trot - possibly back in those days playing cricket for Golden Square as a, mmmmmmmm, somewhere in the early 20s-year-old from memory.

So we will soldier on with this and see what happens - so far, so good!

FOOTNOTE: Rod Case is completing the 12-week challenge with City of Greater Bendigo CEO Craig Niemann, ABC Central Victoria presenter Jonathan Ridnell and three other members of the general public at the invitation of Bendigo Community Health Services to raise awareness of Men's Health Week.


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