Good morning Bendigo - 03.07.14

FREEZING: Bendigo airport.

FREEZING: Bendigo airport.

If you haven't ventured outside this morning, I hope your car is under cover! It's foggy and frosty out there and was sitting at 0.2 degrees at 7am in Bendigo. At least we'll get a sunny day out of it. Snap any great pics this morning? Send us your weather pics, email

It's day 4 of the Australian Snooker Goldfields Open in Bendigo today. The Addy has more passes to giveaway so head to our Facebook page later today and find out how you can win.

Congratulations to our winners yesterday: Jodie Watt, Marie Claire, Michelle Boyce, Tash Johnson, Dannielle Oliver, Alexandria Bugler and Sam Kane. Make sure you come in and collect your passes. Click here to read the Addy's full coverage of the event.

Help us get behind central Victoria's Zac Dempster who will be the first cyclist from this region to compete in the Tour de France. We want to show him that the people of Bendigo and Castlemaine are right behind him. Send us a brief video congratulating Zac and wishing him all the best and we`ll put it up on our website on Friday. Email your videos to

If you see us out and about in Bendigo today, make sure you say g'day. Let us know if you're hosting an event this week, email

It's frosty in Bendigo this morning with sunshine forecast for the rest of the day. Expect a top of 13 degrees with a low of 3 degrees. Click here for more weather.

V/Line is reporting no delays this morning but Regional Rail Link works mean only coaches will run on the line until Tuesday, July 15.

Coaches are replacing trains between Melbourne and Bendigo, so passengers should allow an extra 60 minutes for travel time. 

Read more here

Woman trapped at Kangaroo Flat

An elderly woman was caught between two cars at the Aldi car park in Kangaroo Flat at about 6.30pm on Wednesday. Read more here.

La Trobe students voice concern at cuts

The Bendigo Student Association believes job cuts at La Trobe University will diminish students' tertiary experience and deter those considering study in Bendigo. Read more here.

Fresh claims of Rolf Harris' sexual abuse

Fresh claims have surfaced against Australian entertainer Rolf Harris, who is expected to be jailed after being found guilty on Monday of 12 charges of indecent assault against four girls. Read more here.

Qantas flight from Los Angeles turns back after water pipe leaks

A Qantas flight from Los Angeles to Melbourne was turned back about an hour into the 14-hour flight after water started gushing down the aisle into economy from a leaking pipe in business class. Read more here.

In 1806 Michael Keen, of Isleworth, exhibits the first edible cultivated strawberry, which he calls Keen's Seedling.

In 1806 Michael Keen, of Isleworth, exhibits the first edible cultivated strawberry, which he calls Keen's Seedling.

321 - Roman emperor Constantine, a Christian, proclaims Sunday a day of rest and religious observance.

1806 - Michael Keen, of Isleworth, exhibits the first edible cultivated strawberry, which he calls Keen's Seedling.

1863 - Three-day US Civil War Battle at Gettysburg ends in a major victory for the North as Confederate troops retreat.

1928 - John Logie Baird transmits the world's first colour television pictures in London.

1954 - Rationing brought on by World War II finally ends in Britain, nine years after the war ended.

1965 - Roy Rogers' horse, Trigger, dies, aged 33.

1969 - Brian Jones, a founder member of the British rock group Rolling Stones, drowns in his swimming pool after a drug overdose.

1972 - Pakistan and India sign a peace treaty, ending hostilities triggered by the civil war in East Pakistan, now Bangladesh.

1996 - British Prime Minister John Major announces the historic Stone of Scone, the ancient symbol of Scottish kings, is to be removed from London's Westminster Abbey after 700 years and returned to Scotland.

2011 - Australians clinch both junior titles at Wimbledon when 15-year-old Ashleigh Barty from Queensland wins the girls' trophy, a day after 17-year-old Luke Saville from South Australia takes the boys' championship. 

Happy birthday Tom Cruise.

Happy birthday Tom Cruise.

Know someone who is celebrating a birthday today? Or is it yours? Happy birthday! You share your day with:

John Clare, English poet (1793-1864);

Franz Kafka, Austrian author (1883-1924);

Ken Russell, English film director (1927-2011);

Pete Fountain, US jazz musician (1930-);

Tom Stoppard, British playwright (1937-);

Kevin Johnson, Australian singer (1942-);

Judith Durham, Australian singer of The Seekers fame (1943-);

Sir Richard Hadlee, NZ cricketer (1951-);

Laura Branigan, US singer (1957-2004);

Tracey Emin, British artist (1963-);

Yeardley Smith, US actor (1964-);

Julian Assange, Australian journalist, publisher and internet activist (1971-);

Jane Allsop, English-born Australian actress (1975-);

Tom Cruise, American actor (1962-); and

Sebastian Vettel, German racing driver (1987-).

To err is human, but to really foul things up requires a computer - Paul Ehrlich, American scientist.

1. Sabrina the Teenage Witch had a pet what called Salem?

2. Which album by The Beatles was released in 2006?

3. Who is the most well known employee of cartoon character Mr Burns?

4. In which Australian city is the WACA cricket ground?

5. Bruschetta is fried or toasted what?

An astronaut can gain up to two inches in height as cartilage disks in the spine expand without gravity.

1. Cat 2. Love 3. Homer Simpson 4. Perth 5. Bread


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