Banned driver caught at wheel

A STRATHDALE woman who drove illegally after losing her licence for drink-driving has been warned she could go to jail if she continues to offend.

Julie Bain, 34, was banned from driving for 12 months after being caught drink-driving in October 2012.

On May 2 this year, police pulled Bain over for a routine licence check on Myers Street in Bendigo and found her driving home from work despite not having a valid licence.

When interviewed by police, she said she had driven to work that morning because she was running late and it was raining.

It indicates a serious disregard for a penalty imposed by the courts.

Magistrate Bruce Cottrill

Bain, who appeared without a lawyer, pleaded guilty in Bendigo Magistrates Court on Wednesday to one count of driving while disqualified.

"It was a bad decision made by me," she said.

"I apologise for making a stupid decision." 

The court heard Bain had been to court four times for traffic offences including speeding in 2001 and careless driving in 2008.

Bain also lost her licence for six months for drink-driving in 2008 and again this year for the October drink-drive incident.

Magistrate Bruce Cottrill fined Bain $1200 and disqualified her from driving for an extra two months.

Mr Cottrill warned Bain she would be facing jail if she continued to drive illegally.

"I have no doubt you would have been well aware of your obligations," he said.

"It indicates a serious disregard for a penalty imposed by the court."

"Don't drive during the additional disqualification period, or during the remainder of the disqualification period, or you will go to jail."