Idols don't deserve our sympathy

ROLF Harris was an Australian icon.

He courted such adulation on the back of a TV background, famous songs such as Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport and his famous wobble board and paint brush.

Australia has a right to feel a little cheated now.

For it appears that beaming Rolf Harris smile was merely a front for a sinister side that preyed on young women.

The court case against Harris was a shock. How could someone so loved - sometimes referred to as a national treasure - be capable of such evil?

Spend some time reading through the evidence and allegations against Rolf Harris and it's clear he conned everyone.

The acts outlined to the London court case were horrendous but it's the conduct the court wasn't allowed to hear which is perhaps even more repulsive.

Rolf Harris will learn his fate on Friday after being found guilty of  the 12 counts of indecent assault brought against him.

Age should be no barrier to a jail sentence.

This man has been found guilty of terrible crimes against innocent victims and for that he must be punished.


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