Cogho's crane feat: Pictures, video

Take the ride with Cogho. VIDEO: Leigh Sharp

Radio host Bryan 'Cogho' Coghlan may not have overcame his fear of heights but did raise thousands of dollars for a good cause on Monday.

Joined by Rick Ladson from the Golden Square Football and Netball Club, the 3BO FM 93.5 host was lifted in a crane almost 50 metres into the cold, windy air above Hergreaves Mall just after 1pm.

The stunt raised more than $5000 money for June's Give Me Five For Kids fundraiser, which will all go towards Bendigo Health.

The challenge got off to a slow start when the crane meant to hoist the pair was delayed after becoming bogged while making its way into the city.

After descending, the pair explained their legs and knuckles had cramped with fear.

“Still a little bit jelly like, the legs," Mr Ladson said.

Cogho said the challenge wasn't for the faint-hearted but was worthwhile.

“That is not something you’d recommend to anyone," he said

"As long as you don’t look down it’s alright, but it’s not something you’d do again in a hurry," Cogho said.

"I think we raised about $6000, which is fantastic. That’s all we aimed to do today and if it means we had to go up there and poo our pants, well, that’s life."

Co-host Beck Chalmer joked it was "just desserts" for Cogho, who had once sent her far down into the Deborah Mine to confront her fear of going underground.

In all seriousness, however, she said people had come out of the woodwork to help Cogho achieve his goal and donate to Give Me Five For Kids.

"I’m surprised with how much we raised in such a short time," she said.

"I think we had about $4500 in about three hours, which is extraordinary."


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