Good morning Bendigo - 23.06.14

Good morning Bendigo! 

It's a wet and windy day out there. The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a warning, with damaging winds expected to hit central Victoria later today. 

A rainy top of 11 degrees today. 

No reported delays this morning. 

People will continue to be killed and seriously injured at level crossings at an unacceptably high rate in Victoria unless major design changes are introduced to make it harder to take risks around trains, a two-year study has found.

A major relief effort for victims of a devastating flood in the small African nation of Burundi is in its final stages.

Selemani Ndikumana is packing hundreds of items of clothing and shoes donated by the Bendigo community into a shipping container sitting on the nature strip outside his Kennington home.

930 - World's oldest parliament, the Iceland Parliament, established

1775 - 1st regatta held on Thames, England

1868 - Christopher Latham Sholes patents "Type-writer"

1926 - The College Board administers the first SAT exam.

1944 - Thomas Mann becomes a US citizen

1949 - 1st 12 women graduate from Harvard Medical School

1960 - Japan signs security treaty with the US

1975 - Rocker Alice Cooper falls off stage in Vancouver, breaks 6 ribs

1982 - Himmy, of Australia, weighs in at domestic cat record 20.7 kg (45 lb)

1996 - Nintendo 64 goes on sale in Japan

1824 - Carl Heinrich Carsten Reinecke, composer1858 - William Ernst Johnson, Cambridge England, mathematician

1904 - Carleton Coon, prof of anthropology (What in the World)

1906 - Wolfgang Koeppen, writer

1921 - Jean, Grand Duke of Luxembourg (1964- )

1936 - Costas Simitis, Prime Minister of Greece

1949 - Gordon Bray, Australian sports broadcaster

1974 - Joel Edgerton, Australian actor

Why can't you trust atoms?

Because they make up everything!

Camels can drink 94 litres (25 gallons) of water in less than 3 minutes

Which word would describe a wombats diet?

The chipmunk is related to which creature?

Where do sloths live?

What percentage of all living mammals are rodents?

Which of the primates’ senses are the weakest?

1. Herbivores 2. Squirrel 3. Trees 4. 40% 5. Smell


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