Down the Mall: Us journos, we're a trustworthy lot

READER'S Digest's poll of the top 50 trusted professions came out again this week, and again the top spots went, mainly, to emergency service workers.

And down the back with the roughs and drunks were people such as sex workers, politicians and – yep – journalists.

But, think about this: how do you know this? Because a journalist told you, which, Reader's Digest says, you don’t trust.

So, on DTM’s way of reading it, journalists could well have come out near the top!

Too late

 A recently retired friend of DTM, Trish, was complaining she felt a little worn out on Wednesday.


“A friend and I finished up going for a walk and we walked for nearly 10 kilometres.”

And then the real story started to come out. They went for a walk to fill in time after they started out to attend a seminar on creative retirement... and how to ward off dementia.

The only trouble was, the seminar had been on the day before. The newspaper Trish saw the seminar advertised in was a day old.

“I booked it online,” she said. 

So, why didn’t the seminar organisers reply that it was already too late?  

“They did... also a day later.”

Stars spot on

I don’t believe in horoscopes, but isn’t that so typical of Aries? (Pause for chuckle.)

But this is just spooky.

DTM has had the family shack on the market, and the Stars in Thursday's Addy read: “It should be a fairly significant time for those purchasing property or who are on the move to new premises as related contractual matters and travel are highlighted.”

Half an hour later, the house was sold. Yeah, just a coincidence, eh?

Boxer's spirit spotted

Speaking of weird.

While the city that bears (indirectly) his name is now prosperous and settled, it seems William Bendigo Thompson isn’t.

According to two reports in the UK-based Paranormal Data Base, which lists weird stuff throughout Britain, the 19th century Nottingham bare-knuckle boxer is still putting himself about.

“Location: Nottingham –  Small copse in Bestwood estate known as Bendigo's Ring

Type: Haunting Manifestation

Further comments: Verging on legend rather than haunting, it is said that Thompson would often be found drunk in this copse, and local children would taunt him. His phantom now returns to the area, ready to scare any children in an attempt to extract revenge.

“Location: Nottingham - St Mary's Rest Garden, Bath Street

Type: Haunting Manifestation

Further comments: The ghostly figure observed standing by the Bendigo Memorial Stone is thought to be the phantom of the man himself. Thompson may also be the ghost that has been reported running around the area. The garden is also haunted by a woman's screams that can be heard at night.”

Hmm. Sounds like a normal Saturday night in Bendigo.


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