A mountain of temptation

Week 2...

TALK about nervous... a work conference at the famous Mt Panorama in Bathurst provided the first big hurdle of my 12-week challenge.

Away from routine. Away from support. Just me and my conscience.

Well, it seems I’ve got a little more willpower than I thought.

Had fish and salad for dinner the night before the conference.

Even left three quarters of the creamy mash I suspected wouldn't pass health kick muster. Granted, this decision was motivated a tad by fear as I would have ultimately confessed my indiscretion to trainer Amy who would have gained retribution by trotting out a few more 'friends' to meet at our next session no doubt.

Morning tea at the conference offered up beautiful looking muffins but, no, tucked into my gluten free muesli bar as per the plan.

Lunch was a salad wrap with some fruit but, oh, how those sausage rolls screamed my name every time I ventured past. Willpower right?

Dinner on conference night was steak. Ate the steak. Ate the peas and asparagus. Left the mash, again. Well, okay, might have had a little spoonful but left most of it – honestly!

Oh, how those sausage rolls screamed my name every time I ventured past.

Then BAM – the big moment.

When I returned from getting some money for a State Of Origin last try sweep, there, sitting waiting for me, was a sticky date pudding dessert.

Now as far as desserts go, sticky date pudding sits pretty highly with me – love it. So, what to do? Cheat? No one would know. Leave it there? Can’t let good food go to waste, right?

So, I opted for a good outcome - gave it away. The new owner of the sticky date pudding was pretty chuffed with life. I was pretty chuffed I resisted a big favourite!

So I survived the trip to Bathurst for the conference and proved that at the end of the day you actually do control what you eat. Discipline is the key.

Even got to enjoy two 50-minute walks on this hallowed Australian treasure – the Mount Panorama racing circuit - complete with obligatory picture standing on pole position.

So, have I met any new friends this week? Yep, on Monday met a green box with two steps. Looked pretty much like a victory dias but, sadly, despite stepping up and down on this thing for 40 repetitions – there was no gold medal for me. Not fair!

What else have I learned this week?

I’ve noticed a newfound respect for the taste of food. It’s dawned on me that most of the time I was just eating for eating’s sake – scoffing down my meal because it was there. When that food is severely restricted under an eating plan, well, you learn to savour every single bite.

I also continue to be amazed by how quickly I’ve felt better - physically and mentally. It’s shocked me actually. Didn’t believe such a reaction would be possible.

Might be something about this health kick stuff after all. Can't wait to see.

FOOTNOTE: Rod Case is completing the 12-week challenge with City of Greater Bendigo CEO Craig Niemann, ABC Central Victoria presenter Jonathan Ridnell and three other members of the general public.


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