Pedal power to the people

Janet Rice

Janet Rice

JANET Rice's journey is set to add a whole new meaning to pedal power tomorrow.

As Victorian Greens senator-elect, Ms Rice is quite used to power-play among politicians.

She is currently travelling, by bike, from Footscray to Canberra listening to what people have to say to her.

Ms Rice will make her way from Castlemaine to Bendigo today.

She said it was important for her to meet as many locals as possible.

"I want to travel through regional victoria and meet as many people as possible," she said.

"So that when I am sworn in as a senator for Victoria on July 1, I will carry the hopes and idea of the people with me.

"This is a listening tour, to hear what the people of Victoria have to say.

"If ever there was a time to start listening it's now.

"People are tired of being told one thing and getting another."

Ms Rice said she was riding for political reasons but also to learn more about the state.

"The tour is a chance to experience regional Victoria from the slower pace of cycling," she said.

"Bike riding is second nature to me.

"When I was mayor of Maribyrnong, I chose to have a mayoral bike instead of a car because bikes are the best way to get around and stay connected with a place rather than hurrying past."

She will leave Bendigo for Rushworth on Sunday.

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