Bridgewater coach Andrew Collins has his side sitting two games clear at the top of the ladder at the halfway mark of the season.
Bridgewater coach Andrew Collins has his side sitting two games clear at the top of the ladder at the halfway mark of the season.

IT’S often said that a footy season is just like a marathon.

Lay a solid foundation with a good start, consolidate through the middle of the race and then time your run to peak at the finish line – September.

But halfway through the Loddon Valley Football League marathon, it appears the top five sides have sprinted out of the blocks with little hope of being mown down by the four stragglers behind them who are already gasping for air trying to keep up. 

While there’s still half a season of football to go, this year has been quick to weed out the finals contenders from the pretenders.

As expected, powerhouse Bridgewater, coached by Andrew Collins (pictured), is setting the pace out in front and barely broken a sweat yet with an unblemished 8-0 start in pursuit of five flags in a row.

Bunched up behind the Mean Machine, but with plenty of work to do to catch the race-leaders, are Newbridge (6-2), Pyramid Hill (6-2), Bears Lagoon-Serpentine (5-3) and Marong (5-3) from second to fifth.

While Bridgewater is headed for a top-of-the-ladder finish, the jostling for the other two spots in the top three and the coveted double chance promises to be enthralling, with just one game separating second to fifth.

However, the gap from fifth to the rest has already opened up to a massive three games, which shows something will have to go horribly wrong in the second half of the marathon - like slipping on a banana peel with the finish line in sight - for one of the top five to drop out and miss the finals.

Compare that to the halfway mark of the previous five years when the finals race was still well and truly alive with just one game between fifth and sixth in 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010, and only half-a-game in 2009.

As well as the three-game buffer, the gap between the top five and the rest – YCW, Mitiamo, Calivil United and Inglewood – is also highlighted in that none of the bottom four sides are yet to beat a team in the top five, with the average margin in those 20 contests 70 points.

Mitiamo has proven the most competitive of the bottom tier sides against the top echelon, with three of its losing margins inside three goals, which is why this Superoos' 125th anniversary season that started with such great optimism looks destined to go down as one of missed opportunities.

While the race for the finals appears done and dusted, the battle for the double chance has plenty of life left in it and will ultimately be decided by matches when second to fifth play each other – good old fashioned “eight-point games”.

So far, no more than 21 points have separated the Bears, Panthers, Maroons and Bulldogs in any of the games they’ve played against each other, with the average margin in those 12 clashes just 13 points.

Go back to the old days of the top four and you had those four teams, it would be one hell of a race for the premiership.

But the LVFL is a top five and the team casting the shadow over the rest of the competition is the side that has won the past four flags and taken its game to a whole new level this year – Bridgewater.   

Because for as big as the gap between the top five and bottom four has been so far, Bridgewater’s average winning margin against the Bears, Panthers, Maroons and Bulldogs has been just as significant.

The Mean Machine have laid the challenge down in the first half of the 2014 LVFL marathon and said: "Catch us if you can".

The question now is can any of the chasing pack find another gear – or two - and make a race of it in the second half?


1. Bridgewater (8-0).

2. Newbridge (6-2).

3. Pyramid Hill (6-2).

4. BL-Serpentine (5-3).

5. Marong (5-3).

6. YCW (2-6).

7. Mitiamo (2-6).

8. Calivil United (2-6).

9. Inglewood (0-8).



BL-Serpentine d Inglewood by 76

BL-Serpentine d YCW by 43

BL-Serpentine d Mitiamo by 10

BL-Serpentine d Calivil United by 98

Bridgewater d Inglewood by 103

Bridgewater d YCW by 24

Bridgewater d Mitiamo by 93

Bridgewater d Calivil United by 142

Marong d Inglewood by 18

Marong d YCW by 80

Marong d Mitiamo by 10

Marong d Calivil United by 44

Newbridge d Calivil United by 75

Newbridge d Inglewood by 193

Newbridge d YCW by 50

Newbridge d Mitiamo by 57

Pyramid Hill d YCW by 45

Pyramid Hill d Mitiamo by 17

Pyramid Hill d Calivil United by 116

Pyramid Hill d Inglewood by 104


BL-Serpentine d Marong by 3

Marong d Newbridge by 16

Newbridge d BL-Serpentine by 21

Newbridge d Pyramid Hill by 21

Pyramid Hill d Marong by 12

Pyramid Hill d BL-Serpentine by 5


d BL-Serpentine by 76

d Newbridge by 40

d Pyramid Hill by 84

d Marong by 72


Calivil United d Inglewood by 17

Calivil United d Mitiamo by 32

Mitiamo d Inglewood by 41

Mitiamo d YCW by 13

YCW d Calivil United by 48

YCW d Inglewood by 18



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