Changes to vehicle bans

CHANGE AHEAD: Bendigo Highway Patrol Senior Sergeant Paul Gardiner.
CHANGE AHEAD: Bendigo Highway Patrol Senior Sergeant Paul Gardiner.

P-PLATERS have been given the green light to drive some V8s, turbocharged and supercharged vehicles.

In the past, all eight cylinder cars, turbo and supercharger cars were a no-go for P-Platers.

But under changes announced by Minister for Roads Terry Mulder on Tuesday morning P-Plater bans will instead be determined by a power to rate weight ratio, enabling P-plate drivers access to more modern, fuel efficient cars.

"These days, many manufacturers are using small or medium sized turbocharged or supercharged engines to deliver improved fuel consumption,” Mr Mulder said.

“We’re changing to a simpler system where P-Platers are banned from driving vehicles that have a power to weight ratio of more than 130 kilowatts of power per tonne.

"These are practical changes that recognise that some smaller cars have turbo as standard now, for example, while making sure P-Platers don't drive cars that big and built for speed.

“It will not matter how many cylinders the vehicle has, what fuel type the vehicle uses, or whether the vehicle is turbo or supercharged.

“What matters is the engine size relative to the size of the car."

The changes come into effect on July 1 with the searchable database at set to be updated with the new restrictions, allowing drivers to check specific makes and models.

 Bendigo Highway Patrol Senior Sergeant Paul Gardiner said the changes were about moving with the times.

"It's moving with the type of cars that are being manufactured these days," he said.

"But importantly there is still the power to weight ratio built into what people can and can't drive with a view of trying to keep people as safe as they can on the roads.

"It's not just open-slather."

 Mr Mulder said the new guidelines would benefit young people in the rural and agricultural sector where current restrictions can impact employment.

 “Changing the guidelines will open up better job opportunities for P-platers in regional areas, by removing restrictions on vehicles such as the Toyota Land Cruiser which are preferred by the agricultural sector," he said.

It's moving with the type of cars that are being manufactured these days.

Paul Gardiner

Examples of vehicles previoulsy banned that will be allowed to be driven include: 2014 Toyota Landcruiser (GX 8 cylinder, 4.5 litre);  2014 Ford Kuga Trend TF (4 cylinder, 1.6 litre turbocharged); and 2014 Volkswagon Polo 77TSI Comfortline (4 cylinder, 2.0 litre turbo-charged).


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