Quarry Hill resident woken by loud explosion

UPDATE, 1.09PM: People are talking about the incident on social media.

People on the Bendigo Advertiser's Facebook page say the power flickered in Kennington, Flora Hill and Quarry Hill.

"I didn't hear anything but I did see a flash, my power went off and straight back on again around midnight," Rachel O'Neil wrote on Facebook.

"Would love to know what it was.

"I'm more Flora Hill than Quarry Hill."

UPDATE, 11.25AM: Another Quarry Hill resident has contacted the Bendigo Advertiser about the incident after reading about it online.

"I saw it on your website," the Harkness Street resident said.

"It happened about 12.05am, I wasn't asleep at the time and my mum was awake at the time and she heard it as well.

"We went outside but we couldn't see any evidence of a power outage or smoke or sirens.

"Mum and I assumed it was the sub-station nearby but we don't know for sure."


A QUARRY HILL resident says he was woken by a large explosion on Monday night.

The man who did not wish to be named said the explosion shook his house about midnight.

"I don't know whether someone let a pipe bomb or something off," he said.

"It was a huge explosion, enough that you thought, 'Geez, it's a car crash'.

"It was that loud that I thought it was in our yard."

The Hamlet Street resident said he had also seen a flash of light.

"Everyone else said the same thing," he said.

"I rushed outside because I thought it was in my front yard.

"It was that loud.

"I saw other people down the corner of Hamlet Street and Russell Street so I went down there, everyone was out of bed, and when I asked people what had happened no one knew.

"A young kid was there and he turned his police scanner on and they were talking about something.

"We just assumed there would be sirens and everything going off and the kid said maybe it was a power transformer that exploded, someone let a big pipe bomb off or there was a gas explosion."

Police and the CFA told the Bendigo Advertiser on Tuesday morning they had no reports of any explosion.

Powercor did not report any outages in the area.

"I didn't bother to report it because the young man on the police scanner could hear that the police were driving around so someone had obviously already rang them," the Quarry Hill resident said.

"It's an odd one.

"They must have had reports at the police station because I'm sure it was on the scanner.

"It's hard to know what this is but we were all out of bed."


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