UPDATE: Eaglehawk v Kyneton

THERE'S plenty at stake as Eaglehawk takes on Kyneton in Saturday's start to round 10 in the Bendigo Football League season.

The Hawks and Tigers are both locked on four wins apiece as they take to the Borough's turf at Canterbury Park.

Both teams will be desperate to bounce back from defeat in what's shaping to be a fierce contest between sixth and seventh on the ladder.

Final score: Eaglehawk wins by seven points. The Hawks triumph 17.16 (118) to Kyneton's score of 18.3 (111). A brilliant contest in which Kyneton dominated the third term and scored 11 goals.

The Borough boys responded by scoring 3.6 to 1.1.

Fourth quarter, 30 minutes: Eaglehawk's Tim Nicolson goals from set shot. Hawks lead by seven at just seconds to go.

Fourth quarter, 29 mins: Hawks in their forward 50m. Hawks lead by point.

Fourth quarter, 25 mins: Kyneton goal. Hawks lead 112-111.

Fourth quarter, 24 mins: Damian Wust goals on run. Hawks by seven.

Fourth quarter, 22 mins: Eaglehawk leads 106-105.

Fourth quarter, 18 minutes: Eaglehawk 105 Kyneton 105.

Fourth quarter, 16 mins: Eaglehawk's Matt Gilmore snapshot through for a point. Borough leads 105-104.

Fourth quarter, 15 minutes: Hawks doing plenty of attacking, but Tigers yet to concede a score. It is 104-all.

Fourth quarter, 9 minutes: Scores are level on 104-all after great leap, mark and goal by Eaglehawk's Tim Nicolson about 40m out.

Fourth quarter, seven minutes: Hawks peppering goals, but astray. Kyneton leads 104-98.

Fourth quarter, 6 minutes: Kyneton leads 104-97.

Fourth quarter, four minutes: Point by Eaglehawk's Matt Gilmore. Kyneton leads 104-95.

Fourth quarter has started. Kyneton has all the momentum after scoring five unanswered goals to end the third term.

Three quarter-time: Kyneton 17.2 (104) leads Eaglehawk 14.10 (94). Tigers scored 11 goals to the Hawks one in this term. Kyneton's ferocity at the contest, run and teamwork called by a scintillating run of goals at the Simpsons Road end of the ground.

Ben Weightman leads Tigers attack on five goals and has had plenty of team-mates chip in.

Third quarter, 33 minutes: Kyneton goal. Tigers lead 104-94.

Third quarter, 32 minutes: Kyneton hits the front after Luke Edmondson goals on the run. Tigers have scored 10 goals this term and lead 98-94.0

Third quarter, 28 minutes: Kyneton back within two points after Jake Hyland's third goal in a row. Eaglehawk leads 94-92.

Third quarter, 27 minutes: Back-to-back goals by Kyneton's Jake Hyland. Eaglehawk leads 94-86.

Third quarter, 25 minutes: Kyneton's Jake Hyland snaps truly to put  Tigers within 14 points. Eaglehawk leads 94-80.


Third quarter, 23 minutes: Eaglehawk misses two set shots in a minute. Hawks lead 94-74.

Third quarter, 20 minutes: Ben Weightman rewarded for fierce tackle in pocket and kicks fifth goal. Hawks lead Kyneton 92-74.

Third quarter, 14 minutes: Kyneton scores fifth goal of term in a superb fight back. Eaglehawk leads 91-67.

Third quarter, 13 minutes: Hawks goal at last. Borough leads 90-61.

Third quarter, 11 minutes: Fourth unanswered goal for Tigers. Remarkably accurate Kyneton trails 61-84.

Third quarter, 9 minutes: Kyneton's Ben Knight goals on run. Hawks lead back to 29 points as Tigers lift run, teamwork and pressure.

Third quarter, three minutes: Kyneton's Ben Weightman goals after tigers win centre break. Hawks lead 84-49.

Third quarter, 1 minute: Kyneton's Joel Stevenson takes juggling mark at 30m and goals. Hawks lead 84-43.

Half-time: Eaglehawk leads 13.6 (84) to Kyneton's 6.1 (37).

Eaglehawk's Matt Gilmore has kicked a match-high six goals. The Borough full-forward has taken some strong marks and capitalised on his team's dominance through midfield and across half-back.

Kyneton's Ben Weightman has booted three goals in an engrossing duel with Tyler Miles at full-forward.

Second quarter, 26 minutes: Hawks goal seconds before half-time siren. Two Blues lead 84-37.

Second quarter, 19 minutes: High torpedo by Kevin Archbold marked in goal square by Matt Gilmore. His sixth major puts Hawks up 77-36.

Second quarter, 17 minutes: Quick reply through Borough by Tom Harrington on run. Hawks lead $1-36.

Second quarter, 16 minutes: Back-to-back goals for Kyneton as Ben Weighman boots third. Hawks 65-36.

Second quarter, 12 minutes: Kyneton goal. Hawks lead 65-30.

Second quarter, 11 minutes: Glenn Daly goals from near 50m arc for Eaglehawk. Borough leads 65-24.

Second quarter, five minutes: Ben Weightman kicks long-awaited goal for Kyneton. Hawks lead 58-24.

Second quarter: Hayden Collins left-foot snap puts Hawks up by 39 points, 57-18 in third minute.  

Second quarter, two minutes: Matt Gilmore kicks fifth goal. Eaglehawk lead 51-18.

Second quarter, Hawks lead 44-18. Matt Gilmore, four, and Sean Williams, two, leading Borough's attack.

First quarter, 5 minutes: Eaglehawk's Matt Gilmore on end of Glenn Daly pass. Hawks lead 6-0.

6 minutes: Luke Edmonston intercepts kick and goals for Kyneton. 6-6.

8 minutes: Contested mark by Ben Weightman near goal square. Kyneton leads 12-6.

10 minutes: Gilmore marks and kicks second goal. 12-all.

12 minutes: Strong mark by Sean Williams and goals. Eaglehawk leads free-flowing contest 18-12.

17 minutes: Superb kick across body by Brodie Filo marked by Gilmore. His third goal gives Hawks a 13-point lead, 25-12.

20 minutes: Snap by Sean Young just clears Hawks defender on line. Eaglehawk leads  25-18.

24 minutes: Wade Minter goals for Eaglehawk. Two Blues lead 31-18.

29 minutes: Gilmore kicks fourth as Hawks take control through midfield. 38-18.

30 minutes: Hawks third unanswered goal. 44-18.

Quarter-time: Eaglehawk 7.2 (44) leads Kyneton 3.0 (18).

Brilliant start by Borough full-forward Matt Gilmore on four goals. 

Eaglehawk's Brodie Filo kicks for goal in the round three win against South Bendigo.

Eaglehawk's Brodie Filo kicks for goal in the round three win against South Bendigo.

Kyneton's Ben Weightman in the round eight victory at Kangaroo Flat.

Kyneton's Ben Weightman in the round eight victory at Kangaroo Flat.

Josh Ketterer.

Josh Ketterer.

Kyneton ruckman Joel Stevenson.

Kyneton ruckman Joel Stevenson.

Damien Lock.

Damien Lock.

Kyneton coach Mark Adamson.

Kyneton coach Mark Adamson.

Eaglehawk coach Luke Monaghan.

Eaglehawk coach Luke Monaghan.


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