Audreys return with new album

WHEN I call The Audreys’ guitarist Tristan Goodall to talk about the band’s new album and current tour, he proudly tells me he’s sitting at his boss's desk and drinking his beer.

NEW SOUND: After three years between albums, The Audreys are back on the road with Til My Tears Roll Away.

NEW SOUND: After three years between albums, The Audreys are back on the road with Til My Tears Roll Away.

He says there’s no better way to do interviews than this and it’s hard to disagree.

The Rochester-born Goodall is back on the road with his musical partner Taasha Coates and new album Til My Tears Roll Away.

It’s been about three years between albums and tours for The Audreys and Goodall is excited for a central Victoria homecoming.

“We’ve never played a gig in Bendigo, so I’m excited to go there given I grew up in Rochester and was born in Mildura,” he says.

“Taasha had a son and I’ve seen first-hand how much time that takes up. We thought we should build it back up or let it go.”

Thankfully for fans, The Audreys built themselves back up and took on the challenge of putting out a third album.

“Making music isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s hard putting records out there and hoping people will buy them,” Goodall said.

“When we started (the album), we thought let’s have a look at it and see what we can make of it.

“We got started and a whole bunch of ideas came together really quickly. We soon figured out it wasn’t going to sound like anything we have recorded before.”

A different sound is something bold bands take on. Goodall agrees that when bands stick to the same formula they get stale and he is excited to explore a “non-Audreys sound”.

“We pushed harder towards a certain side,” he says.

“We have always had a little heavier (sound) to lean on but just haven’t evoked it properly on previous records.”

A slightly heavier sounds means Goodall and Coates are also touring with a band for the first time in several years.

“It’s been at least three years since the band’s been with us,” Goodall says.

“The first few years we would call (the band) and then calls stopped getting returned and people went on to other  things.

“The essence has always been Taasha and me, but going on the tour shows so far, having the band back is going to be a blast.”

On their return tour The Audreys will be playing Til My Tears Roll Away right through, as well as requests from their back catalogue.

“The seocnd half of our show will be requests that people have sent us on Facebook,” Goodall says.

“There were so many to choose from and we love picking obscure stuff.

“At one gig someone requested a song by Tool, which was a bit left-field for us. I love the band but I don’t know how well it goes with The Audreys.”

The Audreys play at the Golden Vine in Bendigo on Sunday, June 15.

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