Wave of success

Cresting ... Kate Waterhouse and Laura Enever.
Cresting ... Kate Waterhouse and Laura Enever.

World tour surfer Laura Enever is riding a wave of success. After only a year on the ASP Women's World Championship Tour, the 20-year-old former ASP world junior champion from North Narrabeen is ranked sixth in the world and was the first female taken on as Nike's surfing ambassador. Kate Waterhouse caught up with the pocket rocket to discuss her success.

Did you always want to be a surfer?

I was a gymnast when I was younger, training like 20 hours a week, and then I started surfing when I was about nine with my brother and my dad. I was hooked after that.

Did surfing come naturally?

No, but I just loved it. I quit gymnastics - which my parents were happy about because it's so expensive - and then I was like ''I want to be a surfer.''

Describe your lifestyle.

We are constantly travelling but I love it, just travelling around and seeing new places, meeting new people and surfing new waves.

What has been your biggest career highlight so far?

I won two world junior titles and when I made it on to the tour, that was an achievement in itself. Now I want to work up to winning a world title.

Do you hang out with people like Kelly Slater on tour?

Yes, the surfing industry is like this little world - everyone knows everyone, we are all friends and we know all the boys on tour and we are all pretty tight, so it's cool. Kelly is cool; he's got those incredible eyes that you can't help but stare and think: ''I don't even know what you're saying right now.'' He's one of those people; I feel like there is this aura that comes off him when he walks into the room - it's like you don't even know he's in the room but you can feel him there.

What was it like to be a part of Nike's Make Yourself campaign?

Amazing. They flew me to New York and I shot it with seven other female athletes, from professional runners, dancers, tennis players including Maria Sharapova, and it was shot by Annie Leibovitz. I didn't even know who Annie was and she was telling me how she had just shot Rihanna earlier that week and I was pretty much star-struck from then. It was crazy to see myself standing next to Maria Sharapova and some other incredible athletes. It was featured in every Nike store, all around the world, which was incredible. The best thing for me is that it got me to step outside the surfing world. Nike also took me to New York Fashion Week and that opened my eyes. I didn't understand half the things people were talking about.

Do you have to wear Nike all the time?

Yes, but I want to. It's hard to wear Nike out (at night) but I've become best friends with a pair of scissors. I even cut this shirt up and made a little crop top. I'm passionate about fashion and I would love to expand on that. I would love to eventually have my own clothing line with Nike.

Have you got a boyfriend?

Yes, I do, he's also a surfer and he lives in Hawaii. It's been two years but it feels like six months because we never see each other. It's a total long-distance relationship.

What's your beauty regimen to protect yourself from the elements?

I definitely take care. My hair has always been this blonde, I've never even dyed it, but I'm constantly looking after it. I spend thousands of dollars a year on hair products. I wear sunscreen everyday and I use rosehip oil, especially in winter - you can get really bad windburn.


Bondi Hardware, Bondi Beach.


Sliders; grilled halloumi; chickpea and beetroot salad.


Merricks Estate pinot noir.


Sportsgirl pants, Nike top and Magaschoni collection shirt.

This story Wave of success first appeared on The Sydney Morning Herald.