Good morning Bendigo! 02/06/2014

Good morning Bendigo! Welcome to the start of another week!

Addy photographer Peter Weaving took a flight over Bendigo thanks to the Bendigo Flying Club recently. 

Check out his photos: PICTURES: Bendigo from the air

Cloudy, maximum of 16 degrees. 

For more detailed weather news click here.

No reported delays. 

Lingard's Voice dream continues

BENDIGO singer John Lingard is through to the next stage of The Voice after he was successful during his battle round performance on Sunday night. 

The Bendigo musician will now have a one-on-one mentor session with Kylie ahead of the live shows.

The Voice airs on Channel Nine on Sunday and Monday nights.

Attempted burglaries in Sutton Grange

CASTLEMAINE police are calling on the help of witnesses after two attempted burglaries in Sutton Grange at the weekend. 

Erratic ice addicts wield guns 'for protection'

POLICE will target illicit weapons traffickers after discovering Victoria's underworld has been flooded with firearms, with even low-level offenders now choosing to carry guns.

Street police say dangerously erratic criminals under the influence of the drug crystal methamphetamine hydrochloride - or ice - are convinced they are being followed and are carrying handguns for "protection".

- The Age

Melbourne University vice-chancellor warns of higher fees impact on poorer students

ONE of Australia's most senior academics has warned that the federal government's proposed changes to higher education would result in a ''social experiment without precedent in Australia'' as students from poorer backgrounds deal with university fees that are set to soar by up to 60 per cent.

Melbourne University vice-chancellor Glyn Davis told Fairfax Media that, while the United Kingdom did not report a long-term fall in enrolments when it deregulated fees, there was no way of knowing in advance how local students would respond to the pending fee rises.

- The Age

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1. Which country became the first to legalise abortion?

2. Navan Fort is in which Irish county?

3. In which country is the oldest angling club in the world?

4. In which city did Hugh Hefner open his first Playboy Club?

5. By the end of the 20th century how many times had Elizabeth Taylor been married?

Household dust is made of dead skin cells.

If today is your big day, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 

You share a birthday with (1968) Beetlejuice, American comedian and actor, (1978) Dominic Cooper, English actor and singer, (1990) Brittany Curran, American actress and (1995) Sterling Beaumon, American actor.

1848 - The Slavic congress in Prague begins

1955 - The USSR and Yugoslavia sign the Belgrade declaration and thus normalize relations between both countries, discontinued since 1948

1979 - Pope John Paul II starts his first official visit to his native Poland, becoming the first Pope to visit a Communist country

2010 - A 52-year-old man went on a four-hour killing spree in west Cumbria, shooting dead 13 (inc. himself) and injuring 11 others

Old man comes into a restaurant, sits at his usual table, and orders the usual — matzoh ball soup.

The waiter sets it down in front of him, and stands back to watch him enjoy it. But the man just sits there.

“Is there something wrong?” the waiter asks.

“I can’t eat this soup,” the man replies.

“Is it too hot?” the waiter asks. “No.” “Too cold?” “No.” “Too salty?” “No.”

The waiter calls for the waiter and for the chef, and each goes through the same routine: “Too hot?” “Too cold?” “No, no no.”

Finally the chief, at his wits end, says, “Sir, I will taste the soup myself. Where is the spoon?”

Says the old man: “A-ha!”

Any tips on what we should be heading out to today?


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Quiz answers: 1. Iceland, 2. Armagh, 3. Scotland, 4. Chicago, 5. Eight