Good morning Bendigo! 01..06.14

Good morning Bendigo! A pinch and a punch for the first day of the month - June is here! The Bendigo Home Expo Leisure Roadshow is on again today. Check out yesterday photos

A top of 15 degrees with rain at times, easing.

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No reported delays. 

Uni course fees expected to double, analysis shows

Students will be hit with double fees for some arts degrees and at least 55 per cent rises for engineering and science degrees at the University of Sydney under the federal government's controversial overhaul of higher education.

An analysis of the cost implications to the university from the government's planned 20 per cent reduction in funding for university places shows fees for communications, social science, environmental and engineering degrees will soar.

A Sydney University three-year bachelor of environmental systems costs a domestic student a minimum of $25,839 based on current fees.

Under the changes, students would face a bill of at least $42,405 for the same degree from 2016.

Patients put at risk of addiction

Too many Australians are being sent home from hospital with large amounts of powerful painkillers, putting them and others at risk of addiction and unintentional overdose, doctors say.

There are also fears careless prescribing by hospital staff is fuelling the thriving black market for prescription opioids in Victoria, where about 300 people die from medication overdoses each year - more than the state's road toll.

Myles Conroy, a pain clinician at Geelong Hospital, said a study of 334 patients' at his hospital in 2011 revealed scores were being sent home after surgery with either too much or too little pain medication, and in some cases an inappropriate drug for their pain. He said the analysis, which looked at the painkillers people were being given on the day before their discharge and then to take home, showed about one in four of the 178 patients who were given opioids on discharge did not require them.

Rachael's letter gets national attention

"Good on you Rachael from Bendigo for taking the time to write about your concerns," Mr Shorten wrote on Facebook on Saturday morning.

Mr Shorten shared the Bendigo Advertiser's report about Rachael Hamilton and how she has written a letter to Tony Abbott urging him to reconsider proposed GP co-payments and his asylum seeker policy.

Mr Shorten shared the Bendigo Advertiser's report about Rachael Hamilton and how she has written a letter to Tony Abbott urging him to reconsider proposed GP co-payments and his asylum seeker policy.

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Save the date for Castlemaine HALT breakfast

HALT will go back to where it all started for Castlemaine's second annual Save Your Bacon breakfast.

Hope, Assistance, Local Tradies co-founder Jeremy Forbes said the free breakfast event would be back at Tonks Hardware on September 10.

"It's actually World Suicide Prevention Day so we thought we'd do it then," he said.

"Tonks are very happy to participate for the second year so it will be really exciting to see the turnout.

"We expect more tradies than last time."

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If today is your big day, happy birthday! 

You share a birthday with Marilyn Monroe, US actress (1926-1962); Edward Woodward, British actor (1930-2009); Pat Boone, US singer (1934-); Colleen McCullough, Australian author (1937-); Morgan Freeman, US actor (1937-); Rene Auberjonois, US actor (1940-); Ronnie Wood, rock guitarist, The Rolling Stones (1947-); Jason Donovan, Australian actor-singer (1968-); Heidi Klum, German supermodel (1973-); Alanis Morissette, Canadian singer (1974-); Justine Henin, Belgian tennis player (1982-).

1850 - The first transported convicts arrive in Western Australia when 75 prisoners disembark from the Scindian. On board is ten year old George Throssell, the son of a guard, who is destined to become the second Premier of Western Australia.

1947 - The Australian Broadcasting Commission begins an independent news service.

1968 - Death of author-lecturer Helen Keller, who earned a college degree despite being blind and deaf most of her life, in Westport, Connecticut.

1990 - Presidents George Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev sign foundation of a treaty for cuts in strategic nuclear missiles and a pact to slash chemical weapons stockpiles.

1997 - France's Socialist-led opposition scores a stunning parliamentary election triumph forcing President Jacques Chirac to share power with a hostile left-wing government.

1999 - El Salvador swears in its youngest ever president, 39-year-old Francisco Flores.

2002 - Queen Elizabeth II opens Buckingham Palace to 12,000 guests for a four-day national party in celebration of her 50 years on the throne.

2005 - Gunmen kill a French diplomat, as he drives through Haiti's capital, amid growing insecurity in the hemisphere's poorest country.

2006 - The US Army Corps of Engineers takes responsibility for the flooding of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina, saying the levees failed because they were built in a disjointed fashion using outdated data.

2011 - Images of children tortured and killed in a government crackdown circulate widely among Syrians on YouTube and Al-Jazeera, Facebook and opposition websites, stoking even more fury against the regime of President Bashar Assad.

Why did the scientist install a knocker on his door? He wanted to win the No-bell prize!

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