Most admired list disappoints

But isn't it disappointing that Australians couldn't find an Australian worthy of their most admired vote?

ROY Morgan Research released a list this week of people Australians most admired in 2013.

So, why does a US President sit at number one? Now, don't get me wrong. Barack Obama changed the course of history and should be admired for that. But isn't it disappointing that Australians couldn't find an Australian worthy of their most admired vote?

For the record, Barack Obama was number 1, Julia Gillard 2, Nelson Mandela 3, John Howard 4, The Queen 5, Tony Abbott 6, Kevin Rudd 7, Quentin Bryce 8, Malcolm Turnbull 9 and Dick Smith 10.

It's an interesting exercise to pause and think about those you admire.

Top of the list is an obvious choice... my dad. My hero. My mentor. I've spent my life trying to be him and make him proud. Love him to death and don't tell him enough.

Here's a few others who deserve admiration in some form.

Don Bradman. Many stories abound about Bradman but it's hard to argue he isn't the biggest sporting name of them all when it comes to Australia. You have to admire his achievements and his legacy.

Adam Goodes. Proud of his heritage. Passionate about his country. A true role model.

Bindi Irwin. Strange choice? Maybe. But consider for a minute how much pressure she has grown up under in such a blazing public spotlight. Given all that, she has become a mature young woman with strong opinions and loyalties. A credit.

Julia Gillard. Australia's first female prime minister. Forget political persuasion, that is a truly great achievement.

Hugh Jackman. How does someone with so much fame and fortune remain so down-to-earth and likeable? Loved the story he once told about how when walking the streets of New York he still turns around to see who people are taking pictures of. Great stuff. 

A 'most admired' list shouldn't be restricted to individuals either. Here's a few collective groups that deserve admiration.

Our service men and women from all conflicts. What an amazing group of people. They have endured and seen many things no-one ever should and yet remain proud and passionate of their country. Absolutely admired.

Emergency services personnel. How do you thank someone enough when they dedicate their life to helping others, often in dire need. Admire this group for sure.

Volunteers. Anyone who puts themselves before others and dedicates their time to serve for nothing more than the satisfaction of helping out must be admired.

Those people who just make life better whenever they walk into a room. I'm sure you know people like this. Incredible quality. Admire that.

They're my thoughts for the most admired list, what are yours?


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