Caught in crossfire after bingo

The booklet being left on the windscreens of cars parked outside Catholic churches across Bendigo.
The booklet being left on the windscreens of cars parked outside Catholic churches across Bendigo.

BINGO players found anti-Catholic material sitting on their car windscreens after bingo last weekend.

Playing bingo in St Kilian's hall, next to the church, their cars were parked near those belonging to worshippers inside the church.

Marist Brothers Band bingo permit supervisor George Flack said most of his players were not Catholic and were puzzled why their cars had been targeted until they remembered a service was underway next door.

"They were wondering why in the dickens this was under their wiper blade," Mr Flack said.

Mr Flack said whoever was responsible had "blanket dumped" a booklet on each windscreen.

He said it was littering to leave unwanted material on people's cars.

"The deceitfulness of the perpetrators who have hidden behind Chick Publications leaves one to question the motives of the individuals littering vehicles," he said.

Chick Publications is an American Christian fundamentalist organisation that has been described by anti-discrimination organisations as a hate group.

The 24-page booklet has the title 'Are Roman Catholics Christians' and questions Catholic values and church doctrine as not in-line with Christian theology.

The Catholic Church in Bendigo called for an apology earlier this week after the booklets were placed on cars outside churches across the city as worshippers prayed inside. 

Sacred Heart Cathedral's Monsignor Frank Marriott said parishioners' personal faith time had been violated because their cars had been targeted while they were worshipping in church.

The individual or group responsible for disseminating the booklet is unknown.

The Environmental Protection Authority's litter enforcement policy states it is an offence to deposit flyers and other material on vehicles without consent of the owner - with the exception of parking infringement notices.

Local police say there are fines for the offence.


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