Good morning Bendigo! 29/05/2014

Good morning Bendigo! 


Top of 17 degrees, partly cloudy with morning fog. Light winds.

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No delays on the Bendigo line.

Mixed views on budget

BENDIGO’S draft Budget has passed despite heated opposition from three City of Greater Bendigo councillors.

Councillors Peter Cox, Helen Leach, and Elise Chapman argued a six per cent rate rise was too high and residents could not afford the extra cost. 

Their speeches were met with applause from the public gallery on Wednesday night.

But councillors James Williams, Mark Weragoda, Rod Campbell, Barry Lyons and Rod Fyffe argued a lesser rise of four per cent would halt progress in the city.

Christopher Pyne suggests collecting HECS debts from dead students as way to help budget

Federal Education Minister Christopher Pyne has floated the idea of collecting student debts from the dead as a way of boosting the budget bottom line.

Mr Pyne told Fairfax Media on Wednesday he had no "ideological opposition" to collecting debts from the estates of former students who died owing money to the government.

"[If] an elderly person passes away with a HECS debt, they wouldn't be able to say to the bank, we're not paying back our mortgage, yet they are at the moment entitled to not pay back their HECS debt," Mr Pyne said.

Mr Pyne said safeguards would be needed to ensure the families of young deceased students would not be affected.

Rolf Harris denies his 'darker side' included abusing girls

Rolf Harris has agreed his private life was very different to his fun, public exterior.

And he admitted admiring the body of a 13 year-old girl and  making a sexually suggestive comment to her.

But he has denied that his dark side included abusing under-age girls, saying he deeply regretted the betrayal of trust in his adult, consensual affairs.

He said his main accuser had “said all sorts of things which if it wasn’t so serious would have been laughable”.


What type of soil is vital for growing rhododendrons?

What is the most common colour of primula vulgaris or common primrose?

Clematis is a member of which family of wild flowers?

How many petals does an iris usually have?

What nationality was the botanist who gave his name to the dahlia?

A lightning bolt generates temperatures five times hotter than those found on the sun’s surface.

If today is your big day, happy birthday! 

You share a birthday with LaToya Jackson (1956), Annette Bening (1958) and Noel Gallagher (1967).

363 - Roman Emperor Julian defeats the Sassanid army in the Battle of Ctesiphon, under the walls of the Sassanid capital, but is unable to take the city.

757 - St Paul I begins his reign as Catholic Pope

1138 - Anti-Pope Victor IV (Gregorio) submitted himsself to Pope Innocentius II

1167 - Battle of Monte Porzio - A Roman army supporting Pope Alexander III is defeated by Christian of Buch and Rainald of Dassel

1176 - Battle at Legnano: Lombard League beats Frederick Barbarossa and the Holy Roman Empire

1414 - Council of Constance deposes Pope John XXIII

1453 - Constantinople falls to Muhammad II (Turks); ends Byzantine Empire

1453 - French banker Jacques Coeurs possessions confiscated

1576 - Spanish army under Mondragon conquerors Zierik sea

1592 - At the Battle of Sacheon the Korean navy led by Admiral Yi Sun Shin repels a Japanese army that outnumbers it nearly 3 to 1.

Q: What belongs to you but others use more?

A: Your name 

Have a great day Bendigo! 

Quiz Answers: 1. Lime free 2. Yellow 3. Buttercup 4. Three 5. Swedish