Driver jailed

A MAN with an extensive history of driving infringements and “cavalier” attitude has been jailed over a police pursuit, car crash and assault.

Corey Roberts, 21, will spend one month in jail after being convicted of punching a woman and several driving matters at the Bendigo Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

Magistrate Patrick Southey warned the man he had a further three months jail time “hanging over (his) head”, which was suspended for 12 months.

The magistrate said Roberts, a father expecting a second child, would be jailed if he committed any further offences over the next year. 

The court heard Roberts had punched a woman, who had been fighting Roberts' sister, in the front yard of a home in Kangaroo Flat in February 2013.

In the first driving incident, Roberts was intercepted by police while driving on Bennett Street, Long Gully, on December 21 last year.

An 18-month-old child was sitting unrestrained on a female passenger’s lap in the front seat.

Checks revealed Roberts did not have a licence, the plates did not fit the vehicle and the car’s registration had expired.

He was then involved in another incident three days later, where he reached speeds of 143kmh in a 60kmh zone during a police pursuit.

Officers had attempted to intercept Roberts on Olympic Parade, but he pulled in front of a prime mover and sped off.

Police called off the pursuit and the car crashed into a tree shortly after, causing Roberts and his girlfriend to hit the windscreen.

Both had not wearing seatbelts and needed hospital treatment.

The court heard he had never held a licence and had several convictions for driving matters.  

The magistrate told Roberts he was a threat to society and feared he may kill someone, and had a “total disregard for the law”.  

“I’ve got to protect the community from your driving,” Mr Southey said.

“Keep away from cars.

“It’s only cars that are destroying your life and making you a risk to other people.

“You need to get your act together.”

Mr Southey took Roberts’ age into account when sentencing him and said while he was a threat, “you can’t lock him up forever”.

He was also fined $1500 plus court costs and disqualified for obtaining a licence for 12 months.