Threlfall rules climb up One Tree Hill

PICTURES: Bendigo Harriers King and Queen of the Mountain Challenge at One Tree Hill 

KING OF THE MOUNTAIN: Brady Threlfall charges up One Tree Hill to win the Bendigo Harriers classic for the ninth time. Picture: GLENN DANIELS

KING OF THE MOUNTAIN: Brady Threlfall charges up One Tree Hill to win the Bendigo Harriers classic for the ninth time. Picture: GLENN DANIELS

QUEEN OF THE MOUNTAIN: Montana McFarlane nears the finish line at the One Tree Hill lookout tower. Picture: GLENN DANIELS

QUEEN OF THE MOUNTAIN: Montana McFarlane nears the finish line at the One Tree Hill lookout tower. Picture: GLENN DANIELS

BRADY Threlfall from Bendigo Harriers was crowned King of the Mountain for the ninth time after Saturday’s run up One Tree Hill.

Queen of the Mountain was Montana McFarlane from South Bendigo.

The Smartline-sponsored Bendigo Harriers One Tree Hill Challenge drew many competitors.

Athletes made their way from the La Trobe Bendigo University side of One Tree Hill up to the summit.

 All Athletics Bendigo clubs were represented in one way or another.

Athletes tackled the challenging 3000m uphill course.

Younger athletes ran 500m or 1000m.

Threlfall powered up the hill and to the lookout tower in a time of 9.24.

Runner-up was talented young clubmate and fellow state representative Kye Jenkyn, who also won the under-16 category.

In overall third place was Matthew Heislers from Bendigo University. He was first in the under-18 group.

South Bendigo’s Montana McFarlane ran brilliantly to claim the women’s fastest time of 12.22 and the under-18s title.

Rebekah Lock from Eaglehawk YMCA was second and Natasha Fitzpatrick was third.

 The Bendigo Harriers Queen of the Mountain was won for the first time by promising young athlete Maddison Hooke from Audrey Vendy and Matilda Moore. 

All girls show great potential running in the under-14 age group and were not far behind more experienced competitors.

In the veteran men’s event, Bendigo University had some excellent results.

Richard Gleisner, who was fourth overall, won the 40-plus men’s time.

Clubmate  Michael Bieleny won the 50-plus division.

Charles Chambers from Bendigo Harriers was first of the 60-plus age group.

 In the veteran women’s event, the Bendigo Harriers’ Leanne Healy was first, but just 13 seconds separated the first three runners. 

South Bendigo’s Carol Coad won the 50-plus event.

 Aimee Powell from Bendigo Harriers took out the under-16 girls race.

Her brother, Ben Powell won the under-14 boys race in a sensational time of 11.41 from the Buckell brothers, Ned and Matt, to make it a Harriers trifecta.

 In the shorter junior races, Emma Gilligan ran a brilliant time of 3.30 for the under-12 girls 1000m to win from Harriers clubmates Charli Green and Chloe Naughton. 

The under-12 boys 1000m was won by Brodie Byrne from South Bendigo ahead of Harriers pair Toby Balcke and Zavier Geary. 

Connor Sexton and Sarah Bateson of the Harriers won the over-age 1000m.

First race of the day was the under-10 500m.

Keely Fullerton from the Eaglehawk YMCA club won the girls and Zachary Tickell from South Bendigo won the boys.

The Bendigo Harriers thank runners from all clubs that participated and race sponsor Smartline.

Results from the Smartline-sponsored One Tree Hill Challenge hosted by Bendigo Harriers:


Brady Threlfall, Bendigo Harriers, 18-39 years, 9.24.

Kye Jenkyn, Bendigo Harriers, under-16, 10.07.

Matthew Heislers, Bendigo University, under-18, 10.25.

Richard Gleisner, Bendigo University, 40-plus, 10.27.

Peter Rice, Bendigo Harriers, 18-39 years, 10.35.

Matthew Hooke, Bendigo Harriers, 18-39 years, 10.54.

Michael Bieleny, Bendigo University, 50-plus, 10.55.

Tony Fitzpatrick, Bendigo Harriers, 50-plus, 11.07.

Peter Cowell, Bendigo Harriers, 50-plus, 11.16.

Alexander Evans, Bendigo Harriers, under-18, 11.35.

Ben Powell, Bendigo Harriers, under-14, 11.41.

Brady Bolich, Invitation, 18-39 years, 11.47.

Corey Clarke, Bendigo Harriers, 18-39 years, 11.48.

David  Van Es, Bendigo Harriers, 40-plus, 11.48.

Ned Buckell, Bendigo Harriers, under-14 boys, 11.53.

Jeff Pethybridge, Bendigo University, 40-plus, 11.54.

Harrison Bennewith, Bendigo Harriers, under-16, 11.55.

Matt  Buckell, Bendigo Harriers, under-14, 11.56.

Caleb Spruce, Bendigo Harriers, under-18, 12.09.

Charles Chambers, Bendigo Harriers, 60-plus, 12.14.

John Robinson, Bendigo Harriers, 40-plus, 12.17.

Matthew Le Nepveu, South Bendigo, under-18, 12.19.

Luke Salvador, Bendigo Harriers, under-14, 12.20.

Montana McFarlane, South Bendigo, under-18, 12.22.

Paul  Evans, Bendigo Harriers, 40-plus, 12.3.

Mychael Baker, Bendigo Harriers, under-18, 12.33.

Brett Gilligan, Bendigo Harriers, 18-39 years, 12.37.

Lachlan Balcke, Bendigo Harriers, under-14, 12.38.

Ben Sexton, Bendigo Harriers, 40-plus, 12.41.

Jim Russell, Bendigo University, 50-plus, 12.44.

Jacob Volk, South Bendigo, 18-39 years, 12.5.

Eric Baker, Bendigo Harriers, 50-plus, 12.52.

Nathan Green, Bendigo Harriers, under-18, 12.55.

Maxwell Pearse, Bendigo University, under-18, 13.00.

Rebekah Lock,  Eaglehawk, under-18, 13.13.

Garry Egan, Bendigo Harriers, under-16, 13.18.

Natasha Fitzpatrick, South Bendigo, 18-39 years, 13.3.

Harvey Gibbs, Bendigo Harriers, under-16, 13.34.

Maddison Hooke, Bendigo Harriers, under-14, 13.38.

David  Grimes, Bendigo Harriers, 50-plus, 13.39.

Leon Gilbert, Bendigo Harriers, 60-plus, 13.46.

Tom Savage, Eaglehawk, 18-39 years, 13.56.

Gavin Fiedler, Bendigo University, 50-plus, 14.01.

Ross Douglas, Bendigo University, 40-plus, 14.07.

Audrey Vendy, Bendigo Harriers, under-14, 14.08.

Matilda Moore, Bendigo Harriers, under-14, 14.12.

Hunter Gill, Bendigo Harriers, 60-plus, 14.15.

Melissa Douglas, Bendigo University, 18-39 years, 14.21.

Jack Cripps, Bendigo University, under-14, 14.21.

David  Heislers, Bendigo University, 40-plus, 14.22.

Luke Matthews, Bendigo Harriers, 18-39 years, 14.23.

Wolf Heiden, Bendigo University, 50-plus, 14.3.

Leanne Healey, Bendigo Harriers, 40-plus, 14.35.

Jemimah Bish, Bendigo Harriers, under-18, 14.39.

Keely Trew, South Bendigo, 18-39 years, 14.4.

Felicity Harrop, Bendigo Harriers, 40-plus, 14.48.

Amanda Worthington, South Bendigo, 40-plus, 14.49.

Yvette Tuohey, Bendigo Harriers, 18-39 years, 14.55.

Geoff Jordan, Bendigo Harriers, 40-plus, 15.03.

Terry Hicks, Eaglehawk, 50-plus, 15.19.

George Flack, Eaglehawk, 60-plus, 15.2.

Craig Graham, Eaglehawk, 40-plus, 15.33.

Josie Aitken, Bendigo Harriers, under-18, 15.34.

Jill Wilkie, Bendigo Harriers, 40-plus, 15.41.

Gemma Boromeo, Bendigo Harriers, under-14, 15.47.

Ryan Salvador, Bendigo Harriers, under-14, 15.47.

Gavin Salvador, Bendigo Harriers, 40-plus, 15.52.

Ann-Maree Reid, Bendigo Harriers, 18-39 years, 15.54.

Donna Casey-McGrory, Bendigo Harriers, 18-39 years, 16.24.

Brian Cornell, Eaglehawk, 60-plus, 16.31.

Aimee Powell, Bendigo Harriers, under-16, 16.32.

Peter Hayes, South Bendigo, 50-plus, 16.39.

Steve Balcke, Bendigo Harriers, 40-plus, 17.19.

Casey Crapper, Eaglehawk, 18-39 years, 17.29.

Carol Coad, South Bendigo, 50-plus, 17.38.

Ebony Whiley, Eaglehawk, 18-39 years, 17.48.

Paul  Martin, Bendigo Harriers, 60-plus, 17.53.

Nadene McDonald, Invitation, 18-39 years, 18.38.

Geoff Vendy, Bendigo Harriers, 40-plus, 18.49.

Elisha Hooke, Bendigo Harriers, 18-39 years, 19.04.

Tanya Balcke, Bendigo Harriers, 40-plus, 19.37.

Di Boromeo, Bendigo Harriers, 40-plus, 19.5.

Carolyn Jones, Bendigo Harriers, 40-plus, 21.07.

Jenny Clarke, Bendigo Harriers, 40-plus, 21.48.

Olivia Graham, Eaglehawk, under-14, 21.59.


Connor Sexton, Bendigo Harriers, 12-plus, 3.27.

Brodie Byrne, South Bendigo, under-12, 3.29.

Emma Gilligan, Bendigo Harriers, under-12, 3.3.

Connor Geary, Invitation, 12-plus, 3.36.

Toby Balcke, Bendigo Harriers, under-12, 3.42.

Zavier Geary, Bendigo Harriers, under-12, 3.45.

Floyd Cartner, Bendigo University, under-12, 3.49.

Sarah Bateson, Bendigo Harriers, 12-plus, 3.59.

Oliver Sanderson, Bendigo University, under-12, 4.00.

Max Balcke, Bendigo Harriers, und-er-12, 4.01.

Ethan Mathews, Bendigo Harriers, under-12, 4.01.

Solomon Gibbs, Bendigo Harriers, under-12, 4.17.

Charli Green, Bendigo Harriers, under-12, 4.19.

Chloe Naughton, Bendigo Harriers, under-12, 4.27.

Kyle Stevk, Invitation, under-12, 4.29.

Kasey Lindsay, Invitation, under-12, 4.30.

Flynn Watchman, Bendigo Harriers, under-12, 4.32.

William Robinson, South Bendigo, under-12, 4.35.

Jorja Lindsay, Invitation, under-12, 4.37.


Zachary Tickell, South Bendigo, under-10, 1.25.

Logan Tickell, South Bendigo, under-10, 1.27.

Keely Fullerton, Eaglehawk, under-10, 1.34.

Samuel Graham, Eaglehawk, under-10, 1.41.

Abbey Cartner, Bendigo University, under-10, 1.46.

Jak Naughton, Bendigo Harriers, under-10, 1.47.

Mietta Watchman, Bendigo Harriers,  under-10, 1.53.

William Robinson, Bendigo University, under-10, 1.55.

Lilly Sanderson, Bendigo University, under-10, 1.56.

Jordan Matthews, Bendigo Harriers, under-10, 2.00.

Chelsea Tickell, South Bendigo, under-10, 2.01.

Jordan McDonald, Invitation, under-10, 2.13.


ATHLETES from Bendigo University enjoyed the hospitality of the Bendigo Harriers for their King and Queen of the Mountain Invitation run at One Tree Hill on Saturday.

Club members had a successful day.

 Matthew Heislers, Richard Gleisner and Mike Bieleny won their age groups in the 3km run up One Tree Hill.

Jeff Pethybridge picked up a third placing.

Matthew Heislers was placed third overall. 

Abbey Cartner placed second in her age group in the 500m event. 

This week’s University event will be the Landry Lope at Lockwood South.

Race distances are 6.9, 3km and 1km and a non-competition 500m.

The three handicap races all include some hills. New memers are always welcome.

Enquiries to Brad on 5443 9378 or


A NEW course, but Woodstock’s renowned winds tested the 43 riders in the Goldfields Classic hosted by Bendigo and District Cycling Club on Sunday.

 The new course helped the outmarkers, with no one near them at the halfway mark at Dunolly in the 83km race.

Some of the bunches had amalgamated by then, but with the overall gap cut in half, it was scratches’  race. 

Then it went pear-shaped for all.

The 16’s and 20’s teamed up and slowed down. 

The 6’s and 11’s came together and did the same. 

Riders in the 13-minute bunch were in no man’s land and could not profit.

Then the 25’s and limit joined up at Laanecoorie and almost stopped. It took 6km before they got going again.

With nothing happening behind, they had the race won with15km to go.

Race winner was Peter Cavallaro off 25-minutes in a time of 2 hours 27.20 minutes.

Runner-up was Matt Waugh ahead of Luke Docherty, Massie Knight, Bruce Tonkin.  

Fastest time honours went to Trent Stevenson, 2:31.40.

The field for the Goldfields Classic:

Scratch: Aidan Bowe, Brendan Schultz,  Jason Lea,  Luke Knox,  Peter Casey,  Trent Stevenson.  

6 mins: Jared Hartley,  Justin Mollison,  Shayne Kirby,  Todd Schintler.  

11 mins: Josh Gundry,  Kris Gill,  Nic Moroni.  

13 mins: Andrew Creek,  Ethen McMennemin,  Geoff Bennett, Hugh Beaton, Justin Leske, Luke Moore, Rob Prendergast, Steve Rooney.

16 mins: Adam Lennon, Aidan Hamilton, Dale Lowe, Denis Casey, Neil Thompson, Steve Spencer, Syd Anstee, Terry Schintler.

20 mins: Brendan Cahill, David Mannix, Jade Maddern, Neil Blakeley,  Noel Sens, Taylor Anstee,                Todd Svanosio.  

25 mins: Luke Docherty,  Massie Knight,  Matt Waugh,  Peter Cavallaro,  Quentin Cook.

38 mins: Adele Garwood,  Bruce Tonkin.


THE weather was kind to the 40 riders who entered the Central Victorian Veterans 52km handicap at Laanecoorie. 

Racing was six laps of  the Laanecoorie circuit.

The field was divided in to eight bunches, with the two riders in scratch conceding between one and 30 minutes. 

The limit rider headed off, with a five minute start on the three riders in the bunch behind. 

It was looking like the bunches would maintain there distances, although second scratch, on one minute, was really pushing hard.

Nick Shipp and Shane Stansfield, the two scratch riders, were really pushing, but made up ground very slowly.

Michelle Francis, on limit, held out until halfway into the fourth lap, and managed to latch on to the back of the 25’s. 

The 17’s caught the 25’s on the fifth lap, bringing the bunch up to 12 riders.

It was still tight towards the back of the field.

However, in a tremendous ride, scratch caught the 1’s on the fifth lap, and on lap six, the 4’s caught the 7’s. 

At that stage, there was only about six minutes between the first and last rider. 

Taking the bell, and leading the race into the last lap, it was the combined 17’s, 25’s, and limit. 

Cheryl Barker jumped off the front after the first corner, and quickly put some distance between the bunch.

At the Maryborough Road intersection, the bunch got the red flag, allowing the gap to widen. 

The 11’s caught the 17’s bunch about a kilometre from the line, but by that  time Cheryl Barker (17) was  was well ahead.

Barker went on to win in a time of 1 hour 33.37 minutes, average of 33.3km.

Runner-up was Di Jane (17), ahead of Ken Lacey (17), Warren Trickey (17), Gary Saunders (17), Rick Mitchell (17),  Ivan Howes (7), Ian Bishop (25), Steve Auld (11) and Evelyn Keetelaar (11).

Fastest time honours went to Shane Standfield, 1 hour 16.13 minutes, an average of 41kmh.

This Saturday’s race is the “The Oppy” 65Km. Racing starts in Rochester at 1pm.


SOLE break in the A-grade grand final of the snooker competition run by the Bendigo Billiard and Snooker Association was a 25 by Martin Lemega from Golden Square Gold.

The only break recorded in the B-grade grand final was a 25 by Helen McGeachin from Castlemaine.

A-grade – Golden Square Gold d VRI Brown 4-4 on points 435-393.

Peter Miller 36, 23 lost to John Schenck 43, 33.

Len Engi 49, 68 drew with Reg Martin 50, 36.

Gary McArdle 60, 68 defeated Richard Morshead 57, 61.

Martin Lemega (25) 55, 76 drew with Tony Guy 58, 55.

B-grade – Sandhurst d Castlemaine 4-4 on points 624 - 606.

Willy Lupo 39, 82 drew with Dennis Maroudas 70, 41.

Stan Baker 92, 69 defeated Bernie Tyndall 62, 53.

Henry Brockmuller 99, 89 drew with Frank Hein 94, 93.

Alan Whitford 76, 78 lost to Helen McGeachin (25) 87, 106.

Snooker single-handed championships:

Bendigo Championship: John Schenck (40, 30) d Robbie Denton (32, 20) 4 frames to 0.

B-grade: Len Engi d Willy Lupo 3 frames to 0.

C-grade: Martin Lemega d John Carter 3 frames to 0.


BRIDGE won a closely-fought contest with Tyson’s Reef in round six of the Bendigo Rope Quoits Association season.

Bridge 1014 d Tyson’s Reef 1008 in 11 rounds.

Limits – Bridge: B. Crapper, Bill Kitt, M. Worthington, W. Worthington. Tysons’s Reef: D. Nalder.

British and American No. 1 1009 d  Brian Boru 1007 in 12 rounds.

Limits – B & A No.1: T. Gahan 2. Brian Boru: H. Herman, Brent Kitt, G. Wilson.

British and American No. 2 1002 d Lake View 986 in 11 rounds.

Limits – B & A No. 2: M. Bergmeier 2, S. Shirley. Lake View: T. Burt. 


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