A community spirit

Monday was a good day for many local community groups.

CVGT rewarded applicants of their community grants program with hundreds of dollars worth of assistance.

CVGT chair Rosalie Lake said the organisation concentrated on training job seekers for employment.

"We do this with a broader community picture in mind and we will deliver positive economic and social benefits to the community," she said.

"With this vision in mind we have set-up a community grants program to try to support community groups who are doing great work in our communities.

"As we operate across three states we decided to help as many clubs and groups as possible this year knowing that even a few hundred dollars can be a great help.

"CVGT is a community enterprise and we understand the valuable role volunteers and community workers play in improving the paces where we live and work.

"This year we have allocated a total of $16,000 to 27 groups around Victoria."

One of the 27 groups was Bendigo Senior Secondary College community garden program.

Bendigo Senior Secondary College teacher Dan Hurrell works in the English as an Additional Language VCAL area.

The $650 grant will advance the community garden project started in 2013.

"The funds will be used for our community garden project at The Salvation Army - Gravel Hill campus," he said.

"Last year we started our own project in the garden.

"This will enable us to do a lot more and to do it properly.

"Our students are coming up with plans and ideas for making them lasting programs.

"It is building on their VET studies and increasing their employability."

Mr Hurrell said the program will encourage the Karen students to share their culture with the community.

"We are planting some of the food their families grow, things we don't know much about," he said.

"It will educate the community a bit more about the Karen culture.

"People would like to have more of that knowledge."

BSSC student Kiki Mu received the grant along with fellow student Lahmay Mu.

"We get to share our culture," Kiki Mu said.

"We also get more knowledge and learn new skills," Lahmay Mu said.

One of CVGT's directors Len Dobbin assisted Ms Lake in presenting the grants.

"We see ourselves as a community organisation we think it is important to not just be a provider of job services but also to support the community so they may participate in its own future," he said.