Cleaning up Australia one piece of litter at a time

MEMBERS of the Eaglehawk North Primary School community armed themselves with safety vests, tongs and rubbish bags at the weekend in an effort to keep Australia clean. 

Half a dozen people removed litter from the side of the Bendigo-Pyramid Road as part of the Adopt a Roadside Program on Sunday.  

Eaglehawk North Primary School assistant principal John Morton said the group collected 15 bags of rubbish in a one kilometre zone on one side of the road. 

"I was astonished at the amount of litter which was hidden away underneath (the roadside vegetation)," he said.

"Driving along the road (in a vehicle) you don't notice it.

"But when you are walking along cleaning up it's everywhere."

Mr Morton said the school had only recently joined the program but were keen to make a positive impact.  

He said the school community prided itself on its ability to function in a sustainable manner with limited impact on the environment. 

"We are a sustainable school and we like to do our bit to help keep the environment clean," he said. 

"The (Adopt a Roadside Program) fitted in nicely with what our school is about."

Mr Morton said litter was a never ending problem and the school hoped to collect rubbish several times a term.

The program is an initiative of VicRoads and Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria.

It provides the community with a chance to demonstrate civic responsibility, community pride and increases camaraderie among groups and organisations.