Nomads live rambling life

STOP: Himalayan climbing adventure.
STOP: Himalayan climbing adventure.

When we first started documenting our travels online, we had no idea where this blogging journey would take us.

Hai Huynh

Nomadic couple Jessica Korteman and Hai Huynh left their jobs in Melbourne to 'travel the world over and over'. 

Jessica was born and raised in Bendigo.

Hai was born in Vietnam and grew up in Melbourne.

The couple met in a Melbourne department store while attending university. 

Since 2003 the pair have bonded over their mutual love of exploration.

They began travelling together in 2006 and have not stopped since that day.

This love has taken them to almost 40 different countries. 

After their first trip together they got engaged and haven't looked back.

Ms Korteman said she clearly remembers growing up in Bendigo.

"I attended Strathfieldsaye Primary School and then Bendigo Senior Secondary College before moving to Melbourne for uni," she said.

"My family still live in the family home I grew up in and we visit whenever we are back in Australia.

"I always bump into a familiar face in town.

"The Bendigo Youth Choir was a big part of my life in Bendigo.

"I always found there were many opportunities to get involved in the community if you wanted to seek them out and that made Bendigo a very enriching place to grow up."

She said was inspired by the smallest things as she was growing up.

"My desire to travel was instilled in me from a young age through language learning," she said.

"I studied Indonesian most of my school life and that made me interested in not only the language but the culture.

"This easily lent itself to an interest in wanting to travel to use the language in the country to broaden my experiences in various places around the world.

"Even getting chinese take-away from the House of Khong made me imagine what it might be like to visit China."

The blog began when the couple volunteered in the clean up effort following the Great East Japan earthquake in 2011.

Ms Korteman began documenting their experiences during this time and the blog developed from there.

"With the situation quickly disappearing from international headlines it was important for us to show what was really happening," she said.

Since then the couple have found themselves in places they had never dreamed of.

CLIMB: Himalayan town of Leh.

CLIMB: Himalayan town of Leh.

Ms Korteman said it was very difficult to choose a favourite place as they were all so interesting.

"Some memorable ones that come to mind are climbing Mt Fuji from the base to the summit," she said.

"Searching for anacondas, touching wild alligators and swimming with pink dolphins in the Amazon was amazing.

"Riding horses for four days from nomadic family to family in Mongolia and then catching the Trans-Mongolian and Trans-Siberian railways from Beijing all the way to Moscow."

The couple agree that travelling opens your mind and teaches you to let experiences come your way regardless of what they are.

Ms Korteman said she has learnt not to stress about the small stuff through her travel experiences.

"Looking back on our time before travelling extensively, we used to spend time and energy worrying about trivial things that, in the end, really don't matter," she said.

"When travelling in a foreign environment, we are constantly thrown into unfamiliar situations.

"We have learnt to just go with the flow, allowing us to better deal with anything that comes our way.

"We have come to enjoy all that travel involves and we now feel a freedom that we didn't always have in the past.

"Travel has given us a different perspective on what is important and we then think about how we want to spend our lives."

The couple said they consider themselves residents of the world as they like to spend longer amounts of time in certain places.

"We like staying in places for a while, not so much for the stability but to really get to know a place and live like the locals do," Ms Korteman said.

"We can then take things at a slower pace.

"We don't necessarily feel that has to be a place we know well like our hometowns.

"We tend to feel very comfortable even in very new places.

"One thing I do occasionally crave is not living out of a backpack and having to wear the same few items on repeat.

"That feeling quickly passes when we are experiencing so many interesting things.

"We would never change what we do."

TRAVELLERS: Jessica and Hai at Buckingham Palace, London.

TRAVELLERS: Jessica and Hai at Buckingham Palace, London.

The blog itself reflects the passion that the couple has for the world and the people in it.

"We believe in putting quality and real experiences at the heart of travel, whether that be wandering the local markets for free or spending up on a far-flung adventure," Ms Korteman said.

"What we think provides the best experiences, gives insight into a country or culture, and what inspires us is what we write about.

"Our posts include our own travel stories and as much practical information as we can gather to help you maximise your time away with enriching experiences, and to allow you to travel longer and more often through smarter planning and money-saving tips."

Ms Korteman is the writing half of the duo but Mr Huynh said he appreciates the experience just as much but expresses it through his photographs. 

"Being a travel photographer is absolutely fantastic because it blends two of my greatest passions, travelling this amazing world of ours and photographically documenting it all," he said.

HAPPINESS: International Pillow Fight Day.

HAPPINESS: International Pillow Fight Day.

"We love sharing and engaging with others in person or online.

"The blog allows us to do that.

"My photography has evolved and continues to do so throughout our travellers.

"Many of the photos I took back on our first around the world trip were just point and shoot, with little regard for aesthetics, but that's natural starting out.

"My passion grew and I started to develop a better understanding of elements like light and composition.

"I began learning how to tell a better story through photography.

"When we first started documenting our travels online, we had no idea where this blogging journey would take us.

"We strive for success in whatever we do and it's really wonderful to be recognised internationally for work that we feel so passionate about."

"Our nomadic lifestyle isn't for everyone but we do hope to encourage others to take that step out of their comfort zones and see the world," the couple agreed.

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CRAFT: Istanbul, the collector's paradise.

CRAFT: Istanbul, the collector's paradise.


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