Store owner considering his options

WILLIAMSON Street 24-hour general store owner John Giles is considering the store's options after it faced another attempted robbery on Tuesday.

Mr Giles, who has owned the store for 24 years, said he would consider reducing store hours or employing security but that closing down was not an option.

"I won't make any rash decisions but I have no thoughts of closing down," he said.

"We're a service business, we provide a service. There are risks with it but it comes down to the people around."

The store has been held up four time in the past 18 months.

Mr Giles said he used to see one or two but never as many as four burglaries in a year.

The 54-year-old said he was working about 20 years ago when a man jumped over the counter.

More recently, Mr Giles was forced to push a robber off a female staff member when the man made his way around the counter to the girl.

Yesterday an allegedly-armed man attempted to rob the store at 2.20am.

Staff member Steve Ewart said the man pulled a cap gun on him and asked for money.

Mr Ewart said he recognised the gun as a cap gun and refused to give any money to the offender.

Mr Giles highlighted that every robbery was different and that Mr Ewart's experience in the security industry helped in in that particular instance.

"I tell my staff to give (thieves) the money and get them out as quick as possible," Mr Giles said.

"(People might) say Steve shouldn't have done what he did but every situation is different. Every person is different.

"Steve has 19 years experience in the service industry and has been around guns all his life.

"People don't think of issues like that. They think every (robbery) is the same. It's not."

Mr Giles also praised Bendigo police saying three of the four offenders had been caught.

"The police are always really good when it comes to things like this," he said.


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