Good morning Bendigo! 26.02.14

Good morning Bendigo! 

Max 28. Mostly sunny.

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No reported delays. 

Prime Minister Tony Abbott will unveil a $320 million drought package across NSW and QLD on Wednesday. 

Concessional loans, federal assistance for water infrastructure and additional funding for assistance in personal crisis were among the elements listed in the multi-million dollar scheme.

1. What does a cactus store up inside it?

2. The charity Oxfam was founded to help relieve which world problem?

3. Trumpets and cornets belong to which section of instruments?

4. In sayings, how many lives is a cat meant to have?

5. Which part of the body refers to the centre of a storm?

Black on yellow are the 2 colors with the strongest impact. 

If today is your big day, happy birthday! 

You share a birthday with Victor Hugo, French author (1802-1885); William F Cody (Buffalo Bill), US frontier scout (1846-1917); Jackie Gleason, US actor-entertainer (1916-1987); Betty Hutton, US actress-singer (1921-2007); Fats Domino, US singer (1928-); Johnny Cash, US singer (1932-2003); Peter Brock, Australian racing-car driver (1945-2006); Simon Crean, former Labor politician (1949-); Helen Clark, former New Zealand prime minister (1950-); Michael Bolton, US singer (1953-); Greg Germann, US actor (1958-); Erykah Badu, US singer (1971-); James Wan, Malaysian-Australian film director and producer (1977-); Teresa Palmer, Australian model and actress (1986-).

1531 - Earthquake in Portugal kills tens of thousands of people and flattens much of Lisbon and other cities.

1623 - Dutch massacre English colonists at Amboyna, Indonesia.

1797 - The Bank of England issues one pound notes for the first time.

1804 - Settlers arrive at Sullivan's Cove, the start of the first settlement of Hobart.

1952 - Winston Churchill announces that Britain has produced its own atomic bomb.

1962 - Saigon palace of South Vietnam's President Ngo Dinh Diem is bombed by two fighter-bombers flown by two dissident pilots of South Vietnam's Air Force.

2011 - In a major setback to Iran's nuclear program, technicians have to unload fuel from the country's first atomic power plant because of an unspecified safety concern.

2012 - Voters boo Senegal's President Abdoulaye Wade as he goes to cast his ballot in elections, the latest sign of how his decision to seek a third term in office has caused his popularity to plummet; A Florida man in a "neigbourhood watch" group shoots dead an unarmed black teenager, and the case rapidly becomes a cause celebre for anti-racism groups across the US.

2013 - A hot air balloon carrying sightseers on a sunrise flight over the Ancient Egyptian city of Luxor bursts into flames, then plummets about 300 metres, killing 19 people.

I don't like my new "Fat Boy Slim" Sat Nav, I keep going round in circles.

"Right here! Right Now! Right here! Right Now!"

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Daily quiz answers: 

1. Water

2. Famine

3. Brass

4. Nine

5. Eye


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