Nek Nomination game slammed by licensee

ORIGINAL STORY: Nek nomination craze 'disturbing

THE licensee and proprietor of The Black Swan Hotel has slammed the latest online drinking fad.

"Nek Nominations" or "Neck and Nominate", which sees people skolling alcohol on camera and nominating someone else to follow suit, has flooded social media.

Andreas Bazzani

Andreas Bazzani

But Mr Bazzani said it is not something he or his staff endorse.

"Two days ago I had to look it up on the internet and ask some of my younger staff about it," he said.

"It's the typical thing Australian youth will take up and put on social media.

"No good can come of it and it could end in a violent (confrontation) or a situation involving an ambulance.

"Consuming inappropriate amounts of alcohol is not good in any way whether you are 18 or 65." 

Mr Bazzani said The Black Swan Hotel's staff constantly monitor patrons who are drinking too much and approaching intoxication.

"Our staff are trained in the responsible service of alcohol and the last thing we want is punters drinking to excess," he said.

"If we see someone approaching intoxication we switch them to water or ask them to leave. We try and control anyone involved in irresponsible drinking or skolling."

Mr Bazzani said The Black Swan Hotel also encourages drinking in moderation by not serving shots or "bombs" after 2am.

Last week Bendigo police and Bendigo Community Health said they were disturbed at the fad.

One video showed a young Bendigo woman apparently skolling two thirds of a bottle of vodka before nominating her friends.

Bendigo police youth resource officer Leading Senior Constable Peter Eames said drinking to excess isn't needed in society.

"We are certainly not in favour of skolling competitions or drinking excess amounts of alcohol," he said.


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