Nek nomination craze 'disturbing'

REACTION: Bendigo Community Health warns of risk

BENDIGO police are highly disturbed by the new binge-drinking craze "Nek Nominate".

The online fad, which sees people filming themselves skolling alcohol and nominating someone to continue the chain, could lead to addiction and health issues Bendigo police youth resource officer Leading Senior Constable Peter Eames said.

"We are certainly not in favour of skolling competitions or drinking excess amounts of alcohol,' he said.

"We don't agree with it and don't need it in society."

Leading Senior Constable Eames said there were already existing issues in the community about excess amounts being consumed by young people.

One online video shows a girl aged around 20 drinking more than half a bottle of vodka in one skoll. "We ask that people show some common sense when drinking," Leading Senior Constable Eames said.

But police recognise that adults drinking is not illegal, which makes the binge-drinking behaviour hard to quell.

DANGER: Police do not agree with behaviour that sees people drink to excess. Picture: FILE PHOTO

DANGER: Police do not agree with behaviour that sees people drink to excess. Picture: FILE PHOTO

"Once (youth) are up beyond 18 years of age they are considered adults," Leading Senior Constable Eames said.

"If (the drinking) is on a licensed premises and people are intoxicated when they leave, there can be some offences there but in a private dwelling the concerns are purely health (related).

The online fad also encourages creativity in the videos.

A 21-year-old Eltham man was interviewed by police after police received a video that showed a man travelling in the boot of a car before getting out to ‘neck’ a full schooner of beer.

The Eltham man then got back into the boot of the Nissan sedan which drove off.

Epping Highway Patrol is investigating the incident.

"We are totally against that kind of behaviour. It's something we want to try and put an end to. We are interested to hear from the public about such behaviour and we will act accordingly."


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