Alligators, moose and a tough week on the court

HEY everyone.

This week we had one home game versus Washington and two road games, at New Orleans and at San Antonio. 

TOUGH NIGHT: Matthew Dellavedova in action against the San Antonio Spurs. Picture:

TOUGH NIGHT: Matthew Dellavedova in action against the San Antonio Spurs. Picture:

It was a tough week because we didn’t manage to get a win. 

On Wednesday we had a rematch against Washington, the team we beat in overtime the previous Saturday. 

They came out hard and were up by 27 mid-way through the third quarter.

 We managed to make a big comeback and cut it to four points. 

At one point during our comeback, when the other team was trying to pass the ball to my player, I was denying him the ball along with Andy to force a shot clock violation. 

The crowd gave a big roar. It’s always nice to know that the fans appreciate the ‘‘dirty work’’ it was a cool moment. 

Despite making a comeback, we couldn’t get over the line losing 98-91. 

When we were in New Orleans I went out to dinner with a few of the boys. 

The place we went to had an Alligator Cheesecake dish that is very popular. 

Some of the boys liked it more than others, but it was worth a taste. 

 I got to start the game versus New Orleans which was a good opportunity. 

My role didn’t change, I still tried to do the same things. 

One of my old coaches always said, “it doesn’t matter who starts, it’s who finishes the game”. 
I think that is a really good saying.

Unfortunately we went down 104-100, after having a 12-point lead with four minutes to go.

The next night we played at San Antonio which has two other Australians playing, Patrick Mills and Aron Baynes.  

The Spurs’ first half offensively was the best basketball I have seen in person. We weren’t in the game after half-time, 126-96. 

Patty and Baynesy both had great games. It was good to catch up with them and my under-16 Victoria Country state coach, Jamie O’Loughlin. 

When we got back from San Antonio late on Saturday night there was snow on the ground and it was 22 degrees outside... and I mean 22 degrees Fahrenheit not Celsius.

 That is minus five degrees Celsius and it is expected to get a lot colder soon.

It was so cold my car window wouldn’t even roll down.

My new nickname for those of you who guessed, is “Moose”. 

Kyrie Irving and Jarrett Jack came up with it because I set a couple of big screens last week. 
I asked Jack about it at training and he said it’s because I’m hard nosed. 

I guess Moose’s are hard nosed, have funny accents and set good screens? 

A nickname is a nickname, so I’ll take it.

If anyone would like to hear about anything in particular, you can tweet me @matthewdelly. 
Have a great week.


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