HALT wants to expand to Bendigo

CASTLEMAINE'S Hope, Assistance, Local Tradies plans to lend a helping hand to Bendigo tradies.

HALT hosted a Save Your Bacon Breakfast in Castlemaine last week and is now planning a similar event for Bendigo.

HALT co-founder Jeremy Forbes the feedback from last week's launch and breakfast was very positive.

"If we can get 100 tradies at the breakfast in Castlemaine there's no reason we wouldn't get the same understanding, acceptance and recognition in Bendigo," he said.

"There's no reason that we can't get at least 250 or more to a similar breakfast in Bendigo.

"I believe the Bendigo community, businesses and individuals, would certainly get behind such an initiative."

We hope to make this an annual event in Castlemaine.

Jeremy Forbes

HALT - Hope, Assistance, Local Tradies - was co-founded by Jeremy Forbes and Catherine Pilgrim and is designed to raise awareness about anxiety, depression and well-being in the tradie community.

"As a result of the breakfast, tradies around town are talking about it and the community is talking about it," Mr Forbes said.

"Logically, by extension, it means they're taking that first step in their minds.

"We hope to make this an annual event in Castlemaine.

"HALT has also taken preliminary steps towards hosting a similar event in Bendigo after the success of the breakfast in Castlemaine.

"We're investigating suitable venue and we look forward to announcing something in the near future."

Last week's breakfast in Castlemaine was held at the Tonks hardware yard.

Volunteers cooked bacon and eggs and distributed showbags with goodies and information about help services.

"I've been talking to young tradies and the main thing is that we want them to take bags and tell them what's in the bag," Mr Forbes said.

"This is the first step to planting the seed in their minds.

"This is the way to do it, in their own environment where they'll stand around and talk.

"This is where it's going to happen.

"This is where it's going to start."

If you or someone you know needs help phone Lifeline on 13 11 14.


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