LW: The BFL season finished a couple of weeks ago, but there's still plenty happening off the field.

This week there has been two more pieces in the BFL coaching jigsaw puzzle fall into place.

Firstly, Jeff Brennan made the move from Maryborough to take on the vacant job at South Bendigo, where he previously coached during the late 90s.

I guess there's always some angst when a coach leaves a club to go to a rival club and Joffa has certainly copped some public criticism this week.

Does it have a bit of a feel of a couple of years ago when out of the blue Ross Lyon jumped ship from St Kilda to coach Fremantle?

ND: Not quite the angst of Lyon's switch west, but can understand the disappointment within the Magpies' nest.

Any switch from one club to another in the same league will spark uproar. Just think back to Brian Walsh's move from Sandhurst to Golden Square.

LW: That move of Walshy was way before my time Doley.

Interesting to see where the Bloods go under Joffa.

They had been up for a long time without winning the ultimate prize, but dropped away in the second half of the season this year to miss the finals for the first time since 2004.

It's a good time for a fresh start at the Bloods.

The other coaching news is that of Shane Robertson returning to Castlemaine.

Robertson is the last man to coach Castlemaine to a flag back in 2000.

He's a coach where success seems to follow him, but there's plenty of work to be done at Castlemaine to get the Magpies back in the premiership window.

ND: Great coup by Castlemaine to get Robertson back to Camp Reserve.

He knows what it takes to get to the top. Pies' fans won't be talking premierships just yet, but the club has some exciting talent for Robbo to work with.

LW: Speaking of coups, what about the heist the Sydney Swans pulled off in landing Buddy Franklin on a nine-year deal.

What do you reckon the chances are of Buddy still playing in nine years' time?

I reckon about as good as AC/DC filling their next album with love song dedications.

ND: Odds are shorter for Acca Dacca to play a love song or two.

Buddy's a great player, but not worth the millions being thrown at him.

LW: Got to hand it to the Swans and their ability to keep the biggest story of the year behind the Essendon supplements scandal under wraps.

Most had considered it a foregone conclusion that Buddy was headed to the GWS Giants, with a small possibility that he would remain at Hawthorn.

But it sounds like the Swans and Buddy's management have been cooking this up behind the scenes for a year and they've been able to keep it quiet.

The Hawks would have to be flat that not only is Buddy on the move, but he's off to another of the top teams.

I'm sure it would have softened the blow a bit had Buddy gone to the lowly Giants.

ND: Here's hoping the Swans have not cooked their goose.

Big bucks does not always translate to on-field success.

There have been some outstanding deals in recent years, but history is littered with some flops.

Could not believe Essendon gave up Steve Carey and Peter Bradbury to lure Mark Williams and Steve Richardson to Windy Hill all those years ago.

For the Hawks fans there's an 11th premiership victory to soften the blow of Buddy's defection.

Was great to see another Hawk, Brent Guerra mark his grand final victory in his final game for the club.

No fuss or fanfare with Guerra, not even in years with the Bendigo Pioneers.

What's the odds of Howzat being called on the first ball in a Bendigo or Emu Valley cricket match this Saturday?

I have the pen poised for another stint scoring.

LW: The odds of an appeal on the first ball would be a lot higher if you were on strike.

Hard to believe cricket season is here already, but the BDCA and EVCA are into the swing of things on Saturday.

And before you know it, the footy will be back.


LEGEND: Westy will use any excuse to print a photo of AC/DC guitarist Angus Young. Picture: GETTY IMAGES

LEGEND: Westy will use any excuse to print a photo of AC/DC guitarist Angus Young. Picture: GETTY IMAGES



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