The future of news starts now...

WHEN The Bendigo Advertiser was founded in 1853, 160 years ago this December, its purpose was clear and functional.

The mission of the newspaper, the first editorial stated, was essentially two-fold; “to be devoted exclusively to the Mining interests” as a paper of record, and to provide an outlet for “general Advertising”.

These two aspects are still at our core. 

Every day, we seek to better inform the people of Bendigo. Whether it is providing down-to-earth practical information or relaying more thoughtful material that helps people form an opinion, we believe our key role is a noble one, to enrich the lives of readers.

We also still feverishly explore ways to better serve our clients. Whether it is a self-employed tradie or a big bank, we want to help them in their pursuit to be the best they can be in this competitive age.

This is how Bendigo and district should tick – us working together – and we are single-minded about remaining at the epicentre of community life.

While this is the constant, our society is experiencing unprecedented change, not the least in how we receive, disseminate and share information. 

Indeed, how does The Addy stick to its knitting – providing the best local coverage and a range of commercial opportunities – while flexing with the times and the desires of our audiences?

Today we unveil another milestone in The Addy journey that we believe does just that.

On Wednesday, we launched a new look for our Monday to Friday editions and a revamped website. 

We have received tremendous feedback and we look forward to giving you even more.

Now we reveal the new weekend edition of The Addy.

Like the weekday editions and the website, it is packed with more information and more local content. We outline the changes in this special edition.

Most newspapers go through a “re-branding” or get a fresh coat of paint from time to time.

We wanted to give you more than just a new typeface, more than just a smart design, more than just a pretty face.

Over several months, we have challenged ourselves about how we can be better. Better for you. As a result, The Addy has made some profound changes, particularly at a time when many similar titles across the world are stepping back, not forward.

Most importantly, we now have more journalists. We have recast our newsroom to focus less on back-office duties and more on the content that you count on. That’s more reporters and photographers in the field to deliver you news and information from across the district. 

Our mantra has become NewsNow. Lots of media outlets give lip service to being “digital first”.  But we have turned the model on its head. When we write stories or file pictures, we don’t wait to publish in print, or only upload a select number to the website. We publish now – so if you haven’t done so already, bookmark

We are committed to delivering news and information to you where, when and how you want it. This weekend edition is immensely popular and read by tens of thousands of people. It ain’t going nowhere. As you will find today, we are as passionate about producing a great newspaper as we were when it all began. But for those of you who can’t wait for the paper, or just want a different format that suits your on-the-go modern lifestyle, we give you options. All our content is now available online and via mobile, desktop and tablet. (By way of a wonderful piece of digital magic called “responsive design”, our website will reconfigure to your device.)

The main point I want to make is that The Addy is all about you. That’s why we put you on the  cover today, a photo composition that represents the changing face of today’s Bendigo and today’s Bendigo Advertiser.

Welcome to the new Addy. Welcome to NewsNow.

Let us know what you think.


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