Facebook has a case to answer

WHAT a relief to hear Magistrate Ian Von Einem take a hard line on warning those who create sexually demeaning Facebook pages would go to jail.

That’s exactly the type of leadership we want from our courts.

There is no place in our community for this filth.

It’s disappointing to hear the creator of the Bendigo “root rate” site say his actions were motivated by boredom.

There are hundreds of volunteer roles this young man could have chosen to relieve that “boredom” and help his community at the same time.

Instead he chose to create a site that degraded and emotionally scarred people in this community, some as young as 13.

Mr Von Einem’s stance in putting everyone on notice that anyone who creates such sites in the future and appears before him in court would go straight to jail is exactly the message we want to hear.

There is no place in any community for these sites.

The one disappointing thing is that Mr Von Einem didn’t go far enough in taking Facebook to task over its role in failing to stop the creation of these sexually explicit sites.

Facebook flatly refused to respond to questions about these sites at the time of their creation and certainly showed little interest in taking any responsibility despite providing the vehicle for this emotionally destructive material to appear in public.

Facebook surely has the monitoring capability to stamp out this type of content.

Courts can threaten to send inappropriate Facebook page creators to jail but until the social media giant accepts its responsibility to ensure such material can not be published, the temptation to create these type of sites will remain.

Let’s hope everyone takes Mr Von Einem’s warning seriously.


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