Bendigo police officer to apply for bail over stalking charges

A BENDIGO police sergeant in custody for charges of stalking his former partner will apply for bail today.

The police officer – who cannot be named for legal reasons – was arrested on February 15 and has been remanded in the Melbourne Assessment Prison.

Police allege the man breached an intervention order taken out by his former partner in October 2012.

The man, who is currently suspended as a police officer, was due to make 

a bail application in 

Bendigo yesterday but requested to have the court location changed to Melbourne. 

Magistrate Jennifer Tregent granted the court transfer for the accused to appear in Melbourne today, but said the proceedings of the case would still be processed through the Bendigo Magistrates Court.

Ms Tregent said the outcome of the bail application would be of interest to the Bendigo community.

Defence lawyer Stephen Devlin said his client, who appeared via videolink, had been in high security detention for two weeks and had been suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

The man is facing two charges of stalking and three counts of breaching an intervention order.

The court heard earlier this month that the man’s former partner – who is also a police officer – had been living in fear that he would try and come to her address.

On February 15, Magistrate Dan Muling denied the man’s bail application and said there was an unacceptable risk he would repeatedly try to make contact with the victim.