Addy website, letters keep a former resident happy  

I would like to thank the Bendigo Advertiser for its excellent website. It allows me to keep up to date with what is happening in the city I plan to again call home in the future.

It is great to read of the many well supported events in the local community and people’s efforts to make Bendigo the number one place in regional Victoria.

I also follow with great interest the unfolding political happenings, particularly some of the letters to the editor.

The recent contributions of Ken Price indicate to me a pent-up level of frustration in him with the antics and faux posturing of the Labor Party in Bendigo.

Mr Price perhaps sees himself as the would be/could be Labor candidate, always asking questions but never bothering to find out any real information.

So, if I may, could I pose a couple of questions to Mr Price in an effort to get some information?

I am curious to know why Mr Price defends a government that has turned a surplus into an increasing debt and has spent the money it promised would come from the mining tax when the money is not there?

 Also, why does he refuse to stand up against more Gillard plans to tax our superannuation? The Labor government and Mr Price really do have a lot of questions to answer, and so far we are getting no answers. Why?


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