Rethink governance to ensure a brighter future

Ken Price once again has outlined the real issues that are relevant to the next election in his open letter to the Liberal candidate for Bendigo. 

I doubt if you will get a reply Ken or even a core promise.

The majority of voters are not paying enough attention on any level of politics to notice the gradual cuts to benefits and their public facilities, which allows politicians to concentrate gain in the hands of the few.

Wrong-headed economics and bad politics was the cause of the financial crisis, encouraging us to waste the resources of this country without much thought to the consequences.

It is also behind the the rise of individualism and the wrecking of many of our democratic principles, warping even our ideas of charity, social responsibility and progress.

We need politicians, including councillors, to measure progress differently and bring back the core of what we want to acheive for the people.

No wonder people have become disenchanted with mainstream politics and council politics and now consider the ideas of those on the fringes increasingly attractive. 

There needs to be a rethink of how we are governed at all levels of government as adopting the ideas of the few in power makes us subject to their tyranny.

Bill Collier,

Golden Square


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