Addy coverage needed into council review

Why are we always reading the negative comments in this paper made by former councillors, unions and the CEO about the impending independent review to be conducted on the City of Greater Bendigo?

One could be excused for thinking that this paper is either biased or is also against this review. 

Why do I make these comments? Well I am yet to read a full interview with the men who put this idea – now voted on and approved in a full and open council – forward. 

If this interview was conducted then maybe we might all find out the other side of the story and what these men hope to achieve with the review. 

My thinking is that in these times, when all businesses are looking at how to improve their bottom line, I can see no reason why, as a contributor to the council via my rates, I should not get the best value for my dollar. 

So come on Addy, prove me wrong and give us a full and comprehensive interview with Mr Coleman and Mr McKenzie on their reasons for the council review.




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