A chat and a mouse-click saves lives

ORGAN donation may not be a particularly pleasant conversation to have with loved ones. 

But it’s a very important conversation. 

Yesterday’s launch of DonateLife Week should be commended for raising awareness of organ donation and tissue donation and the importance of talking about the issue with family members. 

Those behind the event say people need to make family members aware of their wishes, and several people who attended spoke of their eagerness to support the cause. 

Website www.donatelife.gov.au has plenty of information for those considering becoming a donor and links to register as a donor.  

According to the website, one organ and tissue donor can help or save the lives of 10 or more people. 

But there are 1600 people waiting on transplant lists, and only 1 per cent of people die in hospital in circumstances that make organ donation possible. 

According to the site, 44 per cent of Australians are not sure of the donation wishes of their loved ones. 

Families often talk of the comfort of knowing a loved one has helped save the lives of many people. 

It’s a silver lining to a dark cloud, but a positive nonetheless. 

This event will hopefully get more people talking about the topic and deciding if they want to sign up as donors. 


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