Gibbons’ simplistic view makes me sick and tired

It was with interest that I listened to Fiona Parker’s ABC radio interview with Steve Gibbons MP about the end of the Labor/Greens agreement.

Speaking with great venom, Mr Gibbons peddled simplistic lies. 

He did not know what was in the agreement as he was not a party to it.

Really? The Labor MPs were never briefed on this or worse then, never asked any questions about it?

According to Mr Gibbons the Greens want asylum seekers to die at sea and they want to stop all mining in the country. Is this the best effort of our sitting MP? Processing children and adults living in concentration camp-like conditions off-shore is what we have, with people continuing to risk their lives to achieve a better life. 

A regional solution to enable processing to occur from the departing countries, and allowing people to live in the community in Australia while their applications are processed, would save lives and maintain the health of asylum seekers. 

The minerals resource rent tax should reflect the billion-dollar profits of the mining companies.

Responsible management of our resources takes into consideration the impact of environmental damage. This is not stopping all mining – it is sustainable management of resources.

I, for one, am tired of having to filter out the political posturing to try to discern what the real issues to debate are.




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