Calling on a fair go for all of our senior citizens

Comments made recently by Peter Crawley regarding the plight of the pensioner raised some interesting points.

Being realistic about it, when people have reached the time-honoured milestone of pensioner extraordinaire, the circumstances of these people changes dramatically, financially, socially, and their status in the community. 

Alternatively, some politicians view their situation  as an “out of sight, out of mind” situation, most probably because they become a liability to the Commonwealth, rather than a taxpaying asset. Most unfortunate.

One can only imagine where a vast majority of pensioners would be today without the increase of up to $150 dollars a fortnight, extended by the present government.

This scenario raises two questions. Where would our Country be today without the hard work of all of today’s present pensioner population, regardless of their financial status, many of whom are still active in the field of volunteering, saving federal, state, and local governments millions of dollars.

Regrettably the Coalition did not see fit to support the latest pension pay rise, with  comments by Mr Abbott that they “didn’t need one.”

This is the same person who goes on day after day regarding the cost of living, but could not bring himself to relent on a pay rise for its senior citizens. 

Seems to contradict your previous statement Mr Abbott. Where would they be now? The same place they have always been, at the bottom of your list.

You are more interested in an $8 billion parental leave scheme of which it is reported that fewer than 500 well-heeled citizens can access up to an astonishing $75,000. Got to get your priorities right.

Recalling the last tax summit, and listening to all the generous tax concessions the top 15 per cent of our society and others down the line can legitimately exploit, denying governments billions of dollars of vital income annually,  you could have been forgiven for thinking that our tax system was written by the British Chancellor of the Exchequer. 

Then of course we have the politicians, who have their own Administrative Remuneration Tribunal. 

Well I think the time is well overdue for aged pensioners to be afforded their own Independent Remuneration Tribunal, who reported to the government of the day twice-yearly,  highlighting the plight of pensioners specifically, and were duty-bound to act on the recommendations produced instead of having to stop the traffic in the centre of Melbourne, running up and down the street waving their underpants and bras in the air to draw attention to their plight, not to mention the distraction to motorists.

The reality is that the next time people in the top 15 per cent or similar positions, think they have been badly done by (realistically, that will be never), it would help if they could bring themselves to just consider for a moment if you could live on what pensioners do, mostly, but not all, in the pre-baby boomer era,  and whom have little or no savings – because of the circumstances in which they were born. 

All of these people deserve more respect.

This group of people have paid their dues, and are still paying. 

They deserve more consideration, a lot more consideration, especially from the Coalition – with action – not weasel words.


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