Daily horoscopes: Tuesday, February 19

ARIES: Life seems to flow a little more easily during February 19, 20, aided by an enhanced ability in communication and an increased number of contacts: phone never seems to stop ringing!

TAURUS: February 19, 20 is a fairly routine time when it comes down to the business of earning money and managing it.  You will have to invest fair effort in this direction.

GEMINI: You should bubble with life as usual during February 19, 20, even though you will experience increased sensitivity. You tend to be focused on ethical issues then.

CANCER: A preference for solitude is indicated during February 19, 20. Perhaps you simply need time to gather your senses as you face life’s challenges.  This is also a time for healing.

LEO: A socially-minded spirit prevails over Leonine individuals during February 19, 20, increasing contacts with friends.  You will also feel troubled over some trivial personal issue.

VIRGO: Business activities, dealings with authoritarian figures or associations with a parent will all be taken in your usual stride during February 19, 20. You’ll also be furthering your ambitions.

LIBRA: Life will bring you a variety of experiences during February 19, 20, broadening your mind and perspective of life. Your mind is open to influence then as you exchange ideas and philosophies.

SCORPIO: There is a tendency to scrutinise every little detail during February 19, 20 as you dig deep for elusive answers, no matter how seemingly trivial. This is a good time for doing so.

SAGITTARIUS: People are more open with you during Tuesday and Wednesday, making it easier to relate to them.  You should be able to understand their motivations intuitively.

CAPRICORN: February 19, 20 is a time when you should be paying attention to the completion of regular tasks. You will also feel compelled to do things for others, who are more likely to need assistance.

AQUARIUS: A taste for life infuses your soul with vitality during February 19, 20, making this a generally sociable time.  However, your social expectations might not be realised.

PISCES: There are many routine activities indicated within the home during February 19, 20, whether you are spending time with the kids or being creative. You enjoy the experience.

LUCKY NUMBERS: Aries: 1, 3, 4, 9; Taurus: 5, 8; Gemini: 6, 7; Cancer: 3, 4, 7, 9; Leo: 1, 3, 4, 9; Virgo: 6, 8; Libra: 5, 7; Scorpio: 2, 3, 7, 9; Sagittarius: 1, 3, 4, 9; Capricorn: 5, 6; Aquarius: 5, 6; Pisces:  2, 4, 7.

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Read Alison Moroney's daily stars for Tuesday, February 16, 2013.