Time to produce a pool lease agreement

Thanks must be given to councillors Chapman and Cox for the “notice of rescission” motion on the council’s decision to close the Golden Square pool.

This will give the residents of Golden Square the time to form a committee and contact VCAT.But why should council and residents go through this costly and time wasting effort?

I approached the DSE on Tuesday, February 12, and asked if there was a lease agreement between the DSE,  the council or the COM of the reserve.  

No lease agreement could be found. But, I was told “that doesn’t mean there isn’t one or some other arrangement”.

Questions to all our city councillors and state government representatives should be asked by the committee when formed, such as ;

1. What authority  does the council have over the Golden Square Recreational Reserve and Swimming Pool?

2. Is this a Crown Land lease agreement or directive by  Governor-in-council ?

3. Does the agreement cover that section of Crown Land known as the Golden Square Baths or the Golden Square Swimming Pool ?

4. Did the City of Greater Bendigo and/or the COM of the reserve complete a document under the Crown Lands 

(reserves) Act 1978 claiming 

“habitual use” of the area, including the swimming pool?

5. Did the Golden Square Swimming Pool Committee,  when it resolved to be taken over by the council, negate  its leasing arrangements with the Crown Lands department?

These questions are under the power of the city councillors to ascertain before carrying on with any demolition of the area. Our state representative can and should make representation to the minister for clarification of these matters. Otherwise the window of opportunity might just slam shut.

There is an old adage which says: “Evil prospers when good men and women remain silent”. Council should reveal all the information to councillors and the community. It is called open government.

Bill Collier,

Golden Square


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