Concerns over abortion clinics don’t make sense

I am writing in response to a letter headed “How come our local abortion clinic is defunct?” (Bendigo Advertiser, February 11).

In this letter Jeannine asks: “Why are women being denied an essential health service?”

In a previous newspaper article, a local GP was quoted saying: “These days most people go to Melbourne if they need an abortion (but) they did this even when we did have a clinic. Melbourne clinics are easier to access.”

When I read Lola’s tragic tale of woe in “No Access: clinic closure causes distress” (Bendigo Weekly, January 11), Lola’s plight sounded so extreme I checked it out for myself. 

I rang two inner city abortion clinics; the phone was answered immediately in both cases and I was informed a woman could have an abortion on the same day she made the appointment. 

At the time of my calling, Lola could have made an appointment on Friday of the same week. 

Both clinics were just a short tram ride (almost to the door) from the Southern Cross Station. 

I am wondering if there was something “Lola” wasn’t telling us? 

Jeannine reminds us that our “fully funded and fully equipped (abortion) clinic lies idle”.

I would like to remind Jeannine that our fire brigades are largely manned by volunteers and our kindergartens and sporting facilities need to organise fundraisers to try to meet their needs. 

And so I ask you Jeannine, where should our priorities lie? 

Sandra Caddy,



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