Abolition of Linen Service premature, unnecessary

It’s been nearly 12 months since Bendigo Health destroyed the Loddon Linen Service, leaving myself and at least 50 other people without a job.

The top earning suits at Bendigo Health have a lot to answer for. 

They were in such a hurry to bowl the Linen Service over in favour of relocating their dirty laundry to Ballarat.

 Yet, all the site currently does is blow dust all over the carpark which replaced it.

The Linen Service could have been relocated to another site in the region within the Healthcare Group, and jobs would have stayed local.

It would have cost next to nothing to keep the Linen Service going in a different location. 

Instead, people are left unemployed and for what, a dusty carpark?

The state of Bendigo Health is currently a mess. 

No firm plans to build the new hospital confirms this. 

All I want to know is what Bendigo Health’s agenda was in annihilating the Linen Service?

The serive could have been given a stay of execution for a little longer while the tender process continued.

Yes, I understand that before anything else was to happen with the hospital redevelopment, it was necessary to knock down the building where the Linen Service was housed. 

But I ask you this, did the closure of the Loddon Linen Service have to happen so soon? 


North Bendigo


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