Mixed council attitudes to pool are worrying

The letter by Ken Hamilton addressing the issues raised by the YMCA spokesperson in the Advertiser on February 9, 2013, was good.

But I am more concerned at the varied attitudes of our councillors and council officers.

The mayor supported the residents in their attempt to open and run the pool  at the public meeting January 2013.

Yet it comes out in the Bendigo Weekly stating there is no community support for the pool, only 70 people want it open.   

Ignoring the ground swell of nearly 2000 signatures on the petition to council.

Ward Councillor Fyffe is concerned that the volunteers may drop off in the future, resulting in any finance put up by council would be lost. 

“What is lost Councillor is the $100,000 loan given to the private ice-skating rink and never recovered under your watch,” she said.

 Volunteers in any organisation come and go. 

Can we citizens of Golden Square afford councillors who do not stand by their community ?

Bill Collier,

Golden Square


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